Lee Min-woo, victim of 2.6 billion won fraud by his best friend
Lee Min-woo, victim of 2.6 billion won fraud by his best friend
Lee Min-woo joins ‘Salimnam’ as a new member.

On KBS 2TV's 'Housekeeping Men Season 2' (hereinafter referred to as 'Salimnam'), which airs on the 1st, Shinhwa's Lee Min-woo makes his first appearance and reveals for the first time the full story of the 2.6 billion won fraud loss.

Lee Min-woo, who newly joined 'Salimnam', reveals his personal daily life for the first time in 27 years since his debut. MCs Eun Ji-won and Baek Ji-young are even more delighted with the appearance of Lee Min-woo, with whom they worked together in the past and became close friends, and share their memories.

On this day, Lee Min-woo surprised people by showing his domestic appearance, living with his parents and older sister, rather than the flashy single life typical of successful first-generation idols. In particular, he attracts attention with his unexpected side, playing the role of the actual head of the family from the age of 19 when he debuted in Shinhwa until now. Lee Min-woo also shows extraordinary filial piety, saying, “I would give up my life for the health of my parents.”

Among these, Lee Min-woo is revealing for the first time in 'Salimnam' the full story of the 2.6 billion won fraud he suffered from an acquaintance of 20 years. Lee Min-woo confessed the mental trauma he experienced at the time, saying, "The mental pain was much greater than the financial pain. If a person continues to be brainwashed, his or her self will disappear. If you want to die, you have to die. If you want to cry, you have to cry."

Lee Min-woo's older sister also added to the shock by saying, "Min-woo is the weakest when it comes to family and Shinhwa. That acquaintance threatened Min-woo with Shinhwa activities and family, which are the most important things to Min-woo. He really was like a monster." It is said that Eun Ji-won was furious and said, “Scammers like that are the most vicious.”

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google