WJSN's Subin's father was the CEO of Kang Ho-dong's agency.
WJSN's Subin's father was the CEO of Kang Ho-dong's agency.
Park Si-hoo, the 'sloppy son', became a 'filial son' by giving meaningful memories and joy through his first overseas trip to Mongolia with his father. WJSN's Soobin, the 'MZ daughter's representative', revealed her warm daily life with her 'sweet dad' who does his best for the happiness of his family.

In TV CHOSUN's 'Dad and Me', which aired on the 29th, the full-scale trip to Mongolia of 'silent rich' Park Si-hoo and his wife was depicted. The couple's first overseas trip began with 'Purgong', a modified Russian military vehicle, and a Mongolian guide. As soon as the trip began, Park Si-hoo declared the 'Ten Commandments of Travel for Parents' in an attempt to prevent problems that may arise while traveling with his father. The 'Ten Commandments of Travel for Parents', which has recently become a hot topic on social media, are the 'Ten Commandments of Travel for Parents' that parents should not do when traveling with their children, such as banning 'is it too far away yet', banning 'food is sweet or salty', and banning 'how much is this in Korean money?' Contains ‘taboo words’. Park Si-hoo's father, who heard the 'Parents' Ten Commandments for Travel', protested, saying, "Should the elderly keep their mouths shut and stay quiet?" while also pouring out taboo words in the Ten Commandments, saying, "Breakfast wasn't good today," and "Water is the best." ' was revealed.

Park Si-hoo and his wife's first tourist attraction was the 'Genghis Khan Statue', which is 40 meters high and is the largest equestrian statue in the world. Park Si-hoo and his father took their first travel photo in front of the magnificent ‘Genghis Khan Statue.’ Regarding this, Park Si-hoo's father expressed his true feelings, saying, "Photos are what remain from a trip, and I think I took a lot of pictures with Si-hoo and it became a good memory." While moving to his next destination, he saw the vast, picturesque snowfields of Mongolia and expressed his touching thoughts, saying, "This is the first time I've seen this in my life, and I wonder if there's a place like this. I feel good and think I've come to the right place."

They visited a rest area for lunch and ordered lamb ribs and Mongolian flat fried dumplings called 'Hoshor'. Unlike his father, who said, "It tastes so good," and showed off his 'eating storm,' Park Si-hoo made people laugh by cutting as if he were at a fine dining restaurant alone. Park Si-hoo's father then scolded his son, saying, "It tastes better if you eat it with your hands. I don't know how to eat meat." During the meal, Park Si-hoo's father, who heard that the Korean Wave began to spread in Mongolia after the airing of Korean dramas such as 'Hourglass' and 'The Age of the Wild', asked, "Is 'The Princess' Man' also famous in Mongolia?" and started checking his son's popularity. . When the guide answered, "He is famous. All my friends know him and like him a lot," Park Si-hoo's father smiled in satisfaction and said, "I am the father of 'The Princess' Man.'"

Park Si-hoo and his wife's next destination was Terelj National Park, Mongolia's top resort and designated as a UNESCO World Natural Cultural Heritage site. Following the 'eagle experience', which left Park Si-hoo in a daze, the main course of this trip was the 'ger experience', a nomadic traditional house. The nomads in the ger served 'horse milk' made by fermenting horse milk as a welcome drink to Park Si-hoo and his wife. Park Si-hoo and his wife could not hide their embarrassed expressions due to the sour and strong taste of 'Mayuju', and eventually they even started coughing and gurgling. Next, we experienced the traditional culture of Mongolia by encountering 'Arhi', a Mongolian traditional liquor made by distilling 'Mayuju', 'Snuff' made from spices and herbs, and even 'picking up cow dung' to use as firewood. Afterwards, we had dinner with ‘Bozi’, a traditional Mongolian dumpling made with minced lamb.

Following lunch, this time, compared to his father who ate Mongolian food deliciously as if it suited his taste, Park Si-hoo ran out, saying, "I can't eat it." When Park Si-hoo returned a while later, his father said, “One of the ten commandments for travel is not to say that the food is bad,” and Park Si-hoo was embarrassed and said, “It’s not the son’s ten commandments, it’s the parents’ ten commandments.” In response, Park Si-hoo's father said, "Let's make the Ten Commandments for my son," and listed the things he wanted for his son, such as "eat well without saying it's not delicious, reduce nagging, and call dad often." At the end of the couple's first overseas trip, Park Si-hoo's father expressed his satisfaction, saying, "You have solidified your role as a dutiful son. You are a dutiful son because you made your father happy like this." Park Si-hoo promised his next trip with his father, saying, "If my father likes it, I want to take him anywhere and travel with him."

Cosmic Girls' Soobin, the fresh and lively 'reaction fairy' from 'Dad and Me', appeared with her father, who was a former wrestler. Subin's father said that he entered the entertainment industry as Kang Ho-dong's manager and is currently the management representative of SM C&C, which includes 'national MCs' such as Jeon Hyun-moo, Seo Jang-hoon, Kang Ho-dong, and Kim Jun-hyun. He said about his daughter, "I feel good and happy just thinking about it, and talking about my daughter brings tears to my eyes." In addition, she showed off her 'daughter-in-law' side by saying, "I want to brag, but there are too many times when I can't keep my mouth shut," and "I have an angelic heart, I work hard in everything, and I have a pretty face."

At breakfast time, an unexpected 'mother-daughter fight' broke out between Subin and her mother over the sandwich her mother made. Between Subin, who said the sandwich was greasy, and his wife, who said it was not, Subin's father took his wife's side. Regarding this, he said, "When the mother is backed into a corner, you have to take the mother's side, and when the daughter is cornered, you have to take the daughter's side. This is how I have lived until now, and that makes me happy." He took on the role of family mediator and shared the secret to a harmonious family. I confessed it.

Soobin's father, who was massaging his daughter's shoulders, said, "I gave her a massage a few months ago. At that time, I felt so bad because I was only feeling the skinny bones due to dieting. Today, when I touched her, I saw that she had some muscles and it felt good." He expressed his affectionate feelings toward them. In addition, he monitored the broadcasts in which Soobin appeared and gave advice as a broadcasting expert on styling, comments, etc. Subin said, “Dad tends to talk very cool-headedly. He doesn’t protect me unconditionally, but gives helpful advice.”

Afterwards, Subin's father's suspicious activities were caught. He headed to the parking lot alone to put 80 bottles of newly purchased alcohol in the warehouse without his wife and daughter Subin knowing. However, when Soobin eventually caught the sight of the scene, he earnestly asked, “You can’t tell mom.” At the same time, he confessed about his health condition, saying, "I drink a lot, so I have arrhythmia. I also had a stance procedure. I think Subin is always anxious because of that." Contrary to his promise, Subin confessed to his mother, "Dad still hasn't come to his senses. He bought more wine," leaving his father embarrassed.

Regarding this, Soobin said, “My dad is getting older, and I want him to take care of his health, so I talk to my mom about it.” After eating, Soobin arrived at a cafe near her house with her father and asked for a photo shoot with strict conditions such as "You have a pretty face here, so we have to take a photo here, naturally when the wind blows." Subin's father showed the image of an 'MZ dad' who would do everything he could to get his daughter's shot of a lifetime. Upon returning home, a second ‘mother-daughter fight’ broke out over Soobin’s independence. Unlike the first round, Soobin's father struck a balance by taking his daughter's side this time. Subin said, "When I was young, whenever I was scolded by my mom, my dad would scold me instead," and expressed his gratitude toward his dad, saying, "He was a strong presence at home and outside."

Subin's family was surprised when they revealed that they wrote poetry among themselves. On this day's broadcast, while Subin's self-written poem 'Beggar' was met with laughter, the self-written poem written by Subin's parents full of love for their daughter was revealed, giving a touching experience. In particular, Soobin's father aroused admiration by showing off his high-level writing skills, complete with emotion, under the title 'Bassam'. He explained the reason for writing family poems, saying, "It's been 6 or 7 years, but even now, when I read it, I think about the past. In the future, that will be more of an asset than money." He also confessed, “I think my legacy is to give my children the thought, ‘My family was happy,’ when they become adults.” In addition, Subin's father also confessed the reason why he worked so hard to create a harmonious family.

He said, "I have never been hugged by my father or gone on a trip with him. So I wanted to live in opposition to my father. I thought I should not hurt my children." Subin expressed his respect for his parents, saying, "It's amazing that my parents came to Seoul from the countryside with nothing and achieved this together. Now that I've worked, I think I know more."

‘My Dad and I’ will be taking a break for a week due to its cancellation on June 5th. In 'Dad and Me', which will be aired on the 12th, actress Seo Hyo-rim, daughter-in-law of 'nation's mother' Kim Soo-mi, appears as the new 'daughter representative'. In the story of a father who was opposed to his daughter's marriage and her marriage, the conflict that had been hidden between Seo Hyo-rim and her daughter, who became a sinner, is revealed.

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