Why is Kian84 here?
Why is Kian84 here?
Eight masked singers will appear in MBC's entertainment show 'King of Masked Singer', challenging the King of Singers who has won 9 consecutive wins.

A masked singer identified as Kian84, a popular entertainer who won the grand prize at the '2023 MBC Broadcasting Entertainment Awards', appears. When a masked singer comes on stage, the judging panel is in a state of excitement from the moment he appears with his unique silhouette. Throughout the duet song performance, the recording studio was filled with laughter due to the masked singer's uncontrollable talent, while Go Young-bae deduced his identity as Kian84, raising expectations.

A masked singer who is expected to be a member of CNBLUE, the handsome boy band that led the Korean Wave, appears. As a masked singer finishes his performance, everyone is mesmerized by his sweet voice that captures women's hearts. After seeing the masked singer perform skillfully and naturally on stage, Sandara Park deduces his identity as a member of CNBLUE, heightening the excitement among the judges.

In addition, a strong opponent appears in 'Joy, Joy, and Joy Are Joy,' who is challenging to become the first singer in the history of 'King of Masked Singer' to win 10 times in a row. When a masked singer finishes his performance, applause pours in for his overwhelming command of the stage. Accordingly, it is said that the judges expressed their excitement for the finals, saying, “A masked singer who will finally stop the King of Singer’s 10-game winning streak has finally appeared.”

The performance of the duet song of the newly appeared masked singers to prevent the King of Singers' 'Joy, Joy, and Sorrow are Joy' challenge for his 10th consecutive win can be seen on 'King of Masked Singer', which will be broadcast at 6:05 pm on the 26th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google