Honey J’s daughter, when did you grow up like this?
Honey J’s daughter, when did you grow up like this?
Honey J's daughter Love has become a full-fledged daycare student and is revealing her current status as her cuteness and body are growing rapidly.

Episode 527 of KBS2's entertainment show 'The Return of Superman' ('Superman'), which will be aired on the 26th, will feature the 'Happy First Birthday' episode. Among them, Honey J and Love's mother and daughter are making a welcome appearance for the first time in a long time, and expectations are rising as Love is said to show further growth with the fact that she started attending daycare in March.

On this day, Love surprised the viewers by standing up on her own while her mother, Honey J, was busy preparing for school. In addition, Love shows such rapid growth that he can hold a glass of water by himself and drink a glass of water leisurely as if he were having morning tea time, which brings satisfaction. It's a step up from the time when I was just a 'mom's gumball' just a few months ago. Furthermore, when Love discovers baby food, he spreads his arms wide and cutely shouts “Mamma”, showing off his amazing current state of being speechless. As a result, expectations are soaring over Love's lovely charm, which is growing rapidly in height, heart, and charm.

In the stills released along with this, Honey J and Love's mother and daughter capture attention with their school-to-school looks. They completed the 'hipster mother and daughter' OOTD by matching with strong red. On this day, Honey J stood in front of the mirror with Love and asked, “What do you think of today’s look?” “Let’s take a picture,” the mother and daughter practice their special morning routine.

Meanwhile, Honey J reveals the story of how he unexpectedly practiced Miracle Morning thanks to Love, pricking up ears. Honey J said, “Before I got married, I woke up at 4 p.m. “Now I have to practice while Love is at daycare,” she said, revealing her real-life mother’s schedule, which changed 180 degrees after Love was born. Lee Bul and Taro, members of the dance team 'Holy Bang', also said that thanks to Love, they became 'involuntary morning people' due to the changed practice schedule and were able to live a healthy life. In this way, the love and 'hip' daily life of Honey J and Love's mother and daughter can be confirmed through the main broadcast of 'Shoodol'.

‘The Return of Superman’ airs at 9:15 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google