Park Ji-hyun, worried about marriage
Park Ji-hyun, worried about marriage
'Mr. Lotto' Park Ji-hyun opens up about her concerns about marriage.

TV CHOSUN's 'Mr. Lotto', which will be aired on Friday, May 24th, will feature a special feature called 'Marriage Evangelist'. Actor Kim Young-ok, who makes not only singles but also non-married people want to get married, twin trotters Lee Sang-ho and Lee Sang-min, and baby-faced mother Ahn So-mi appear as special mercenaries of the Golden Knights and compete in a singing competition with the TOP7.

Park Ji-hyun, the number one man I want to marry, shakes up the scene by revealing his concerns about marriage. Accordingly, Kim Young-ok, who has been married for 65 years, is said to have come up with a smart and exciting solution. What was Kim Young-ok's solution to making everyone fall into despair?

In addition, Kim Young-ok drew attention by confessing, “Trot extended my life.” Kim Young-ok then performed a stage expressing her gratitude to trot singers and is said to leave a deep impression. The live broadcast is eagerly awaited to see what the touching stage performed by 88-year-old Kim Young-ok will be like.

The battle between Motae Solo and Motae Solo is also expected to bring a lot of laughter. The match between Park Seo-jin, the ancestral soloist of the Trot world, and Park Seong-on, the ancestral soloist of the trot group, was concluded. Park Seo-jin said, “It’s not that I don’t love, it’s that I can’t,” and revealed the secret to non-love (?) that no one expected, devastating the scene with laughter.

Park Seong-on draws attention by citing his TOP7 older brothers as the reason he was born solo. It is said that TOP7 Ahn Seong-hoon was furious at Park Seong-on's confession. What is the reason why Park Seong-on can't date because of his TOP7 older brothers? TV CHOSUN's 'Mr. Lotto', where you can check this, will be broadcast at 10 pm on Friday, May 24th.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google