Lee Se-mi♥Min Woo-hyuk love story full story
Lee Se-mi♥Min Woo-hyuk love story full story
In TV CHOSUN's <Perfect Life>, which airs at 8 p.m. today (22nd), Lee Se-mi, a broadcaster from the girl group LPG, reveals the story of her leaving the team after getting married.

Lee Se-mi, a former member of the girl group LPG and married to actor Min Woo-hyuk, visited <Perfect Life>. When panelist Lee Seong-mi wondered, "How does it feel to live with your wonderful husband Min Woo-hyuk? Aren't you excited and excited every day?" Lee Se-mi responded, "I often get asked, 'Don't you get angry when I see your face when we fight?', but it's the same as any human life. My husband is on someone else's side. “He coolly replied, “Sometimes good looks get overlooked.” Then, MC Hyunyoung expressed his envy, saying, “I’d be less angry if he was handsome(?).”

Hyeonyoung then talked about the fact that Lee Se-mi got married early in her 20s and asked, "How did the two of you first meet?" Se-mi Lee said, "We met on a blind date. When we had been dating for about 4 months, my husband talked about marriage. My husband was unemployed at the time, so he asked me to wait 3 years before getting married, but I just said let's get married," showing her girl crush side. She continued by saying, "I left LPG as soon as I got married," and "I got a job at a (stable) company for my husband, who works part-time," and told the story of how she turned into a 'show host.' Upon hearing this, the cast couldn't help but express their admiration, saying, "You really got a good wife."

Meanwhile, Lee Se-mi's busy morning routine is depicted in today's broadcast. Seeing Se-mi Lee being invited to ask about her husband Min Woo-hyuk's schedule, Hyeon-young asked, "Why are you asking Se-mi about the schedule?" I was curious. Lee Se-mi added the reason, saying, "Actually, I am the CEO of Min Woo-hyuk's entertainment. My husband's personality is very good and kind. I started this to prevent situations where things overlap and cause inconvenience because he is not good at refusing requests." “My husband can clearly express his opinion to me,” she said, and told an anecdote about the coordination of opinions that resulted from that. When the opportunity to appear in the drama 'Doctor Cha Jeong-sook', which introduced actor Min Woo-hyuk to the world, came, Min Woo-hyuk initially expressed his intention not to appear. At that time, Lee Se-mi said that she persuaded her husband, "Senior Uhm Jung-hwa is appearing. This must be done no matter what," and that she let Min Woo-hyuk appear in the drama. Panel member Shin Seung-hwan, who was listening to this, admired Lee Se-mi's 'perfect external appearance' and said, "More than just a wife, she is a benefactor to the entertainment industry."

TV CHOSUN <Perfect Life> with broadcaster Lee Se-mi can be seen today (22nd) at 8 PM.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google