Kim Jun-ho finally marries ♥Kim Ji-min
Kim Jun-ho finally marries ♥Kim Ji-min
Comedian Kim Jun-ho announced that he plans to marry his publicly known girlfriend Kim Ji-min next year.

On the night of Wednesday, May 22nd, MBC's 'Radio Star' (planned by Kang Young-seon/directed by Kim Myeong-yeop and Hwang Yun-sang) will feature a special feature called 'Comedian' featuring Kim Jun-ho, Kim Dae-hee, Jang Dong-min, and Hong In-gyu. 'All Comedians' Talk', where both the MC and guests are comedians, is highly anticipated.
Kim Jun-ho finally marries ♥Kim Ji-min
Kim Jun-ho finally marries ♥Kim Ji-min
Kim Jun-ho, who is in an open relationship with his junior Kim Ji-min, visits 'Las' with members of the 'Nidonnaesan Dog Park Tour'. Recently, his sensible 'Answer to Love' garnered attention and he shared his current status as a 'normal man in love'. When Yoo Se-yoon and Jang Do-yeon sympathized with the story of Kim Jun-ho, the ‘lover’, saying, “You were witty!”, Kim Gu-ra responded by bombarding the audience with facts, saying, “I don’t have too many expectations, so even if I talk about general things, people like it~”, causing laughter.

Next, the fact that Kim Jun-ho saw marriage compatibility with Kim Ji-min through Kim Dae-hee's introduction was also revealed, attracting attention. While attention was focused on the news of the couple's marriage, Kim Jun-ho dyed the studio pink by saying, "I'm talking to Jimin about whether we should get married within next year at the latest."

Meanwhile, Kim Jun-ho, who has released several albums and has also worked as a 'gag singer (comedian + singer)', revealed his current status as a double-headed singer in the world of celebratory music with Jo Hye-ryeon. Accordingly, Kim Gu-ra mentioned the controversy over the origin of the 'Jana~' catchphrase between Kim Jun-ho and Jo Hye-ryun and wondered about its conclusion(?). I wonder what kind of response Kim Jun-ho would have given to this.

Kim Jun-ho also claimed that he had the highest share of 'Dog Park Tour', and as to the basis for this, he said, "It is on Netflix, and when you look at the image of the program, it is either Yoo Se-yoon or me." He then drew laughter by comparing Ma Dong-seok and Son Seok-gu by claiming, “Seyun, who has more muscles than me, is Ma Dong-seok, and I am Son Seok-gu.”

Kim Jun-ho also attracted attention by revealing an episode of his close friendship with his 'best friend' Kim Dae-hee. Kim Jun-ho said that when he was having a hard time due to a company-related controversy eight years ago, Kim Dae-hee started a company with his juniors and added his initials to the company name. He said that he was moved by Kim Dae-hee's words, "Please come in later when the case is resolved." It made me feel warm.

Along with this, an episode of the two people's 'end-to-end friendship(?)' was also revealed, causing laughter. Kim Dae-hee received the grand prize in the comedy category at the 2014 KBS Entertainment Awards and drew a lot of attention by giving an 'afterward acceptance speech' to Kim Jun-ho. It turns out that when Kim Jun-ho won the grand prize at the 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards, he did not mention Kim Dae-hee in his acceptance speech. Kim Jun-ho is said to have felt aggrieved, saying, “I don’t think I even mentioned my mom when I received the grand prize.”

You can check it out on ‘Radio Star’, which airs at 10:30 pm on May 22nd.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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