Park Sun-joo reveals why she is separating from her husband Leo Kang.
Park Sun-joo reveals why she is separating from her husband Leo Kang.
Park Sun-joo reveals the story behind her voluntary separation from her husband, Leo Kang.

In Channel A's 'Best Friends Tocumentary - Table for 4' (hereinafter referred to as 'Table for 4'), which will be broadcast at 8:10 pm on the 20th, singer-songwriter Park Seon-ju, famous for being a vitriolic judge of the Trot audition, will appear.

On this day's broadcast, Park Sun-joo announces her return to her regular job and invites broadcaster Hyun Young, comedian Kim Tae-gyun, and singer Kim Yong-pil, who was a Trot audition participant, to Yongin House to show off her elegant taste and unexpected cooking skills.

Kim Tae-gyun, who met Park Seon-ju at the Seoul Institute of the Arts' music club 'Yeumhoe', which produced Park Mi-kyung, Kim Gun-mo, Jo Gap-kyung, and Kim Won-jun, surprised everyone by confessing, "I secretly had a crush on my older sister, Park Seon-ju, who was famous for 'Homecoming' at the time." Park Seon-joo makes people laugh by telling an anecdote about how Kim Tae-gyun, who had once expressed his feelings through a letter, refused, saying, "It's not my style."

Park Seon-joo, who was in charge of raising children in Jeju Island on behalf of her husband Leo Kang, said she plans to start living in Seoul while focusing on her main job after her daughter moves into the dormitory. Park Seon-ju, who was never married, married Chef Leo Kang while pregnant with her daughter, but it is said that they formed a family that lives separately, respecting each person's independent nature. Their daughter also revealed their special family view by revealing that she reacted coolly, saying, ‘If we’re going to continue to live separately like this, wouldn’t it be okay to divorce?’

Park Seon-joo's unexpected past, famous for being a copyright rich, is also revealed. At the embassy where she went to get a visa to study in the United States, she even sang a song, saying, "I am Korea's Whitney Houston. I have to go meet America's Whitney Houston." Park Seon-ju, who was frustrated with her lack of skills while studying abroad in the U.S., squandered the money she earned as a singer and even ended up sleeping on the street. Then, he meets a homeless man and confesses that his outlook on life changed because of something he said. After that, he devoted himself to music work and tells the story behind many hit songs such as 'Superman's Sorrow', 'Man and Woman', and 'Love.. That Guy'.

Tae-gyun Kim is said to have decided not to marry after seeing his mother struggling after losing his father at the age of six. From the special love story that changed him, to the anecdote of Hyunyoung, who says there is no part-time job she has not tried, becoming a supermodel through Jang Jae-geun's aerobics demonstration team, to the story of Kim Yong-pil, who attempted to audition for a trot program due to lack of living expenses due to the coronavirus, it will be revealed.

‘Table for Four’ airs every Monday at 8:10 PM.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google