Yang Gyeong-won enters the entertainment industry after leaving an architectural firm.
Yang Gyeong-won enters the entertainment industry after leaving an architectural firm.
After making a strong impression as North Korean soldier Pyo Chi-su in <Crash Landing on You>, he has been known for his tastes of sweet, bitter, salty, and spicy through many works such as <Hi Bye Mama>, <Vincenzo>, <Big Mouth>, and <Welcome to Samdali>. MSG's top actor Yang Kyung-won, who is showing off his acting, appears in <Shin Dong-mi and Son Tae-jin's Top People>.

Yang Gyeong-won, who co-starred with MC Shin Dong-mi in <Welcome to Samdali> as a couple who divorced and then reunited, impressed Shin Dong-mi by coming forward even though she was performing in a play called <Then and Today>.

Yang Gyeong-won, who boldly quit her job at an architecture company and started her career as an actor, confessed that she has been suffering from actor's disease since she became a full-time actor. “Before, when I saw someone different from me, I wondered why they did that, but now I think about and observe why that person acts that way,” he said, revealing his own acting method, saying, “That’s how I study characters.”

In addition to this, he talks about how he went from being an office worker to becoming an actor, the constant efforts he made to perfectly portray his role, the date with his wife that made him decide to get married as a non-married person, the proposal, and the plans his wife is pursuing. Actor Yang Kyung-won's unknown life story, including his good deeds, will be included.

Yang Kyung-won, who thought it was a comfortable talk show, was embarrassed by the rapid-fire rapping barrage of MCs Shin Dong-mi and Son Tae-jin, but continued to answer with sincerity, and Son Tae-jin suddenly sang “Your KakaoTalk Photo” passionately in front of Yang Kyung-won. Normal People> ‘Yang Kyung-won’ will be available on the YouTube SBS Entertainment channel on Friday, May 17th at 5 PM.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google