Da-Hoon Yoon, Confession of Being Unmarried
Da-Hoon Yoon, Confession of Being Unmarried
Actor Yoon Da-hoon opened up about his past, confessing that he was an unmarried father.

In the SBS entertainment show 'My Little Old Boy' (hereinafter referred to as 'My Little Old Boy'), which aired on the 12th, the daily life of Yoon Da-hoon, who has been a wild goose father for 7 years, was revealed.

Da-hoon Yoon raised his eldest daughter alone while serving in the military, then married his current wife in 2007 and welcomed his second daughter. Currently, his wife and two daughters have left for Canada and have been living as wild goose dads for seven years.

On this day, Da-hoon Yoon began wrapping gifts in a delivery box. The first box was for my wife and daughter who live in Canada, and I got my daughter's favorite Seventeen photo card and put it in it. The second box was baby items. The main character of the box was the 15-month-old granddaughter of Dahoon Yoon's eldest daughter, whom he raised as a single father. Da-hoon Yoon had a video call with his eldest daughter, and the daughter asked about her father's well-being and said, "The baby is growing up quickly. “I still can’t believe I’m a mother,” she said. Da-hoon Yoon made people laugh by saying, “Can you believe that I am a grandfather?”

Shin Dong-yeop, who was watching this, said about Da-hoon Yoon, "He turned Korea upside down with a sitcom called 'Three Friends,' and the sitcom received a lot of love thanks to Da-hoon Yoon. It was only then that he said, 'I have a daughter.' Many people said he was amazing. “I raised him well and got him married, and Da-hoon Yoon is now living in Canada.” He said, “This is my first marriage with my current wife. I heard that my wife and my eldest daughter are very good together. “I’m happy,” he said instead, sharing his current situation.
Da-Hoon Yoon, Confession of Being Unmarried
Da-Hoon Yoon, Confession of Being Unmarried
Next, Lee Dong-gun, the protagonist of 'Three Friends', visited Yoon Da-hoon's house. Da-hoon Yoon said, "My eldest daughter was in the second year of middle school at the time. While doing 'Three Friends', I ended up revealing my daughter at a press conference." "At the time, 'Three Friends' was going very well, but it was because of me that the crisis came. I He was unmarried and played the role of an old bachelor and playboy, but when the existence of his daughter was revealed, he decided to quit the role and held a press conference, but contrary to expectations, people responded by saying that he was a great father because he had raised her as a single father. “It changed, and I’m still thankful to this day.”

Da-hoon Yoon said, "Before the press conference, my daughter was farther away from me. When there were a lot of people, I couldn't even call her my father. I met him in the military and left after giving birth to my older daughter. My mother gave me formula and raised me. My parents went through a lot of hardships. “He did it,” he recalled.

He continued, "After I revealed my daughter, I walked around holding her hand, taking pictures of stickers, going shopping for clothes, and I was so moved. It was really good. I think that was the first time I started being a father."

Da-hoon Yoon said that his eldest daughter and his wife are 12 years apart, and said, “I told her that my dad was seeing someone, and she said it was okay if I liked her. At first, I called her sister, but at some point I started calling her ‘mom’ and wrote letters to her and we are getting along really well. My daughter gave birth to a daughter a year ago. My wife brings me seaweed soup and gives me a baby jeogori, and I really like those things. “Thank you so much,” he said with a smile.

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