CEO with sales of 10 billion won dies, culprit is boyfriend
CEO with sales of 10 billion won dies, culprit is boyfriend
The arrest of criminals who committed unscrupulous crimes for money was carried out.

In the 36th episode of T-Cast E Channel's 'Brave Detectives 3', which aired on the 10th, Lieutenant Go Seok-bin of Jeju East Police Station and Wi Dal-ryang, former head of the violent crime team at Gangseo Police Station, appeared and opened the investigation log.

The first incident began when the owner of a famous restaurant with annual sales of over 10 billion won was found dead. Upon checking the scene, it appeared that the victim, Mr. Jeong, was attacked while going to the dressing room after returning home. Additionally, luxury wallets, millions of won worth of cash, and cell phones also disappeared.

The CCTV analysis team captured a suspicious man entering Mr. Jeong's villa on the estimated date of the incident. The man who entered the villa with an empty shopping bag later came out carrying a full shopping bag. The man traveled by taxi, changing clothes twice in the process, and then boarding a vehicle.

After checking the vehicle, boarding, and call records, the person in the car was a woman in her 40s, and the man in the car was her husband, Mr. Lim. When I checked Mr. Lim's call history, I found Mr. Choi, the restaurant's managing director, crying and asking for the culprit to be arrested. Mr. Choi was also the boyfriend who was dating Ms. Jeong.

Mr. Choi, who had five criminal convictions for fraud, even sold his family's land to Mr. Jeong by forging documents. The amount of money Mr. Jeong sent was 2.2 billion won, and his monthly salary was 300 million won. Upon investigation, it was revealed that Mr. Choi had also targeted Mr. Jeong's store. When Mr. Jeong suspected his identity and asked for money, he ordered a contract killing.

Mr. Choi ordered Mr. Lim and his wife to commit crimes as many as six times. Mr. Choi purchased a hidden camera and had him find out Mr. Jeong's door lock password, and after checking the time when Mr. Jeong was not at home, he ordered a break-in. Mr. Choi was sentenced to life imprisonment, Mr. Lim to 35 years in prison, and Mr. Lim's wife to 5 years in prison.

The second incident began with an American man reporting that his girlfriend had died. At first glance, it was an ordinary two-story house in a residential area, but the site was a wholesale clothing store with a remodeled interior. The deceased woman was the store owner's daughter and had a puncture wound in her abdomen. It appeared that he had been strangled to death after being attacked with a weapon.

Since it was a place where foreigners frequented, it was difficult to even search for fingerprints, so the detective went to the scene again and found a note. It was a sales ledger, and the paper that appeared to have been written the day before the incident was torn. In order to restore the contents, the National Forensic Service requested 'Pilmark Reproduction' and confirmed the orderer's name, JAY, and phone number.

The criminal, JAY, is a Nigerian and used the phone even after the crime. They were also able to use the check stolen from the store to determine their location while riding a taxi. According to an employee at the store where JAY activated the cell phone, Nigerians at the time used public phones to make calls to save money. Accordingly, the investigation team selected 10 public phones where cell phone signals were detected and began working undercover.

On the third day, JAY was arrested. In his house, they also found the crime tool, a knife, and clothes with the victim's blood stains on them. He said he had no money and wanted to buy many things, so he bought bags and shoes with the stolen money. Korean criminal law was applied and JAY was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google