Jeon Hyun-moo reveals his secret to losing 13kg
Jeon Hyun-moo reveals his secret to losing 13kg
Jeon Hyun-moo, Kwak Tube, and Son Tae-jin set out to verify ‘steamed restaurants’ in Jeolla-do.

In MBN's 'Jeon Hyun-moo Plan', which aired on the 10th, 'No Plan Bro' Jeon Hyun-moo and Kwak Tube (Kwak Jun-bin) and singer Son Tae-jin, the final winner of 'Flaming Trotman', visited Gwangju and Jeolla-do, the 'city of gourmets', to discover hidden restaurants. This unfolded.

Early in the morning, Jeon Hyun-moo, who appeared at Songjeong Station in Gwangju, gave his first greeting to Kwak Tube, saying, “I finished barf (body profile) yesterday and came prepared to eat a lot today.” In response, Kwak Tube pointed out, “Honestly, I thought Barf would fail because you were doing the ‘Jeon Hyun-moo Plan.’” Jeon Hyun-moo, who succeeded in losing 13 kg for the palm oil body profile, said, “After filming ‘Jeon Hyun-moo Plan,’ I almost starved the next day. “He honestly revealed his barf secret. Meanwhile, Jeon Hyun-moo said, “I will eat as much as I want today. Besides, it’s Gwangju!” he declared, “Mukbang Liberation Day.”

The two people who first visited the '1913 Songjeong Station Market' were impressed by the old-fashioned appearance of the market, saying, "It's really hip," and then chose a menu to decorate their first meal in Gwangju. Kwak Tube chose zucchini stew from the ‘food list’ recommended by Park Na-rae’s younger sister, a ‘native of Gwangju.’ The two traveled a long way to Pyeong-dong, Gwangju, and arrived at the restaurant, but were embarrassed because the door was closed. In the end, the two people, who filled their stomachs with freshly steamed rice cakes from the mill next to the restaurant, succeeded in opening the restaurant as the first customers when the restaurant opened shortly thereafter, increasing the pleasure of eating.
Jeon Hyun-moo reveals his secret to losing 13kg
Jeon Hyun-moo reveals his secret to losing 13kg
Finally, when the two people were presented with the precious zucchini stew that had been passed down for four generations, they applauded in response to the sight of the food being so generous. When fresh meat was added to the soup-style rolled rice, a feast of fantastic taste unfolded. Kwak Tube was speechless and said, “This place is really delicious,” and Jeon Hyun-moo made everyone laugh by predicting, “I think the weight I lost from barfing will come right back in 3 to 4 days.”

After ‘clearing’ the zucchini stew, Jeon Hyun-moo said, “Today, my younger brother, who likes gomtang, is coming as a guest. So, I have to move to Naju to eat gomtang.” The two arrived in Naju shortly after and welcomed guest Son Tae-jin. Son Tae-jin, who greeted them warmly, explained, “This is the place I went to when I came to the Jeolla-do region festival the year before last,” and then turned on the ‘Son Tae-jin Plan’ mode, leading Jeon Hyun-moo and Kwak Tube to the Naju Gomtang restaurant with 114 years of tradition. However, because the restaurant in question was on a ‘regular holiday’, everyone was shocked, and Son Tae-jin stuck out his tongue, saying, “I never thought this would happen.”

As soon as they started, the three people who tasted the joy of having no plan went straight to Gilterview and searched for local Naju gomtang restaurants to choose. Here, the three people gave a 'thumbs up' of emotion after tasting the Naju gomtang made with the care of three pots boiling all day. When Son Tae-jin completed the best taste combination by adding aged kimchi to a spoonful of the fluffy Naju gomtang, he even selected a song called 'Gomtang Live'. Kwak Tube seemed entranced by Son Tae-jin's moist gomtang live performance that touched the heart, saying, "I feel like a singer from the 60s and 70s," and "I feel like Korea's Frank Sinatra."

Son Tae-jin responded, “This is my goal. “I like adult pop, and I thought that for adult pop to be popular in Korea, it had to be trot that people could relate to,” he said, adding, “Many of the legendary seniors from the early days of adult music and trot were vocalists,” and shared the reason why he tried out for the trot audition program. I brought it up.

Afterwards, the three people who emptied all of the pots of Naju gomtang moved to the next location and called Park Na-rae, the 'representative taste of Jeolla-do'. Na-rae Park said, “I have to eat Muan straw-grilled meat. “It’s the origin of our favorite Yongsan restaurant and recommended by my mom,” he said confidently. Eventually, the three people arrived at a quiet restaurant next to the train tracks, succeeded in getting permission to film on the spot, and settled down on an outdoor bench. Next, the three people witnessed the sight of meat being grilled over a '1000-degree straw fire', and Jeon Hyun-moo applauded the quality of the original dish, saying, "Other straw fire restaurants only grill the meat over a straw fire, but this one cooks it completely."

The straw-fired pork belly, cooked to perfection in just 50 seconds, was placed on a table set with secret side dishes such as chilgejang, onion kimchi, and bandaengi salted fish. The three people inhaled endless amounts of the so-called ‘straw fire triad’ and said, “The scent (of straw) makes no sense. “I like the scent of charcoal, but this is different,” he said in real admiration. Meanwhile, at this event, Son Tae-jin said, “I received 630 million won as the audition prize money, the highest among all auditions,” and “I have a house in Yeouido, a wife in Malaysia, and two children,” raising questions about the reason. exploded.

In addition, the following trailer captures the hidden secrets of Son Tae-jin, the winner of the highest prize money in auditions, as well as visits to Jeonju, Gochang, and Damyang to try all the seasonal restaurants in Jeolla-do, raising expectations for the next broadcast.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google