Ahn Jae-hyun, shopping flex with 10,000 won after divorce
Ahn Jae-hyun, shopping flex with 10,000 won after divorce
Ahn Jae-hyun was caught holding a fashion show alone at a warehouse-type vintage store.

In MBC's 'I Live Alone' (directed by Heo Hang, Kang Ji-hee, Park Soo-bin, and Lee Kyung-eun), which airs at 11:10 pm today (10th), the daily life of actor Ahn Jae-hyun, who returned after a month, is revealed.

The changed home-cooked meals of 'News Reporter' Ahn Jae-hyeon, who shocked the Palm Oil siblings last month with a poor breakfast of iced coffee, almond drink, frozen blueberries, and cherry tomatoes, are expected to attract attention. He shows off his hidden culinary skills by using ingredients in the refrigerator to quickly create menus without even looking at the recipe.

Jaehyun Ahn prepares a healthy home-cooked meal by placing the main dish and 7 side dishes on 7 plates. Ahn Jae-hyun's consistent appearance, chewing for a long time and enjoying his meal, attracts attention. As soon as he finishes eating, he strictly observes the ‘7-minute, 5-step’ brushing method and continues to maintain his healthy routine for the next 100 years.

After finishing his morning routine, Ahn Jae-hyun arrives at a warehouse-type vintage store on the outskirts of the city. Ahn Jae-hyun is said to have tasted an unexpected windfall when he happened to stop by after being lured by the advertising slogan, ‘Luxury goods only cost 10,000 won.’ He immerses himself in fishing for clothes as if he were hunting for treasure, chanting the mantra, “Let’s just get two.” When Ahn Jae-hyun wears everything from women's shirts to colorful, seasonal outfits, the magic of transforming into a great fashion show outfit unfolds. It adds to the curiosity as to whether he succeeded in finding a 'good item' among the numerous clothes.

Meanwhile, Ahn Jae-hyun's appearance in the piano practice room, absorbed in playing the piano, was revealed, attracting attention. Jaehyun Ahn, who confidently says, “I should play the piano,” dreams of collaborating with violinist Danny Koo. Expectations are soaring as to what Jaehyun Ahn's piano skills will be like.

You can check it out through ‘I Live Alone’, which airs today (10th) at 11:10.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr
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