Jo Se-ho, “My family is happier with my entry into Netflix.”
Jo Se-ho, “My family is happier with my entry into Netflix.”
Broadcaster Jo Se-ho expressed his feelings about entering Netflix.

On the 7th, the production presentation for Netflix's new entertainment show 'Super Rich Stranger' was broadcast live online. Jo Se-ho, BamBam, Mimi, PD Yeo Woon-hyuk, and PD Park Hye-seong attended the event.

‘Super Rich Stranger’ is a reality show that looks into the luxurious lives of the top 1% of the super rich in Korea. The life in Seoul of rich global people who chose Korea because they love Korean culture is depicted in a bright and cheerful way. Appearances include Kim Anna, a member of the Pakistani aristocratic family known as 'Supercar's gum price', Noor Naim with 50 million followers in the Middle East, Singaporean billionaire David Yong, Italian diamond spoon Teodoro, and Korea's Paris Hilton Yoo Hee-ra.

Jo Se-ho was said to be the first choice to be the MC for ‘Super Rich Stranger’. Producer Park Hye-seong said, "I thought I could make a subject that can feel somewhat difficult in an easy and fun way. I thought BamBam would tell the cast's love for Korea from the perspective of a foreigner and serve as a bridge between them. Mimi represents the younger generation. “I think it’s perspective,” he said. “I was able to watch the honest reactions while recording.” Producer Yeo Woon-hyuk also added, “I thought Jo Se-ho was the best host for this program.”

Jo Se-ho, a 'groom-to-be' who is getting married to a non-celebrity 9 years his junior on October 20th, said about his thoughts on joining 'Super Rich Stranger', "Doing a new program is always exciting. Being able to work with the global Netflix company “My parents were also very happy that my son could appear on Netflix, which was broadcast in over 190 countries.”

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google