Oh My Girl's Mimi "I'm the type of person who gets ruined if I decorate"
Oh My Girl's Mimi "I'm the type of person who gets ruined if I decorate"
Oh My Girl's Mimi shared her thoughts on appearing on 'Super Rich Stranger'.

On the 7th, the production presentation for Netflix's new entertainment show 'Super Rich Stranger' was broadcast live online. Jo Se-ho, BamBam, Mimi, PD Yeo Woon-hyuk, and PD Park Hye-seong attended the event.

‘Super Rich Stranger’ is a reality show that looks into the luxurious lives of the top 1% of the super rich in Korea. The life in Seoul of rich global people who chose Korea because they love Korean culture is depicted in a bright and cheerful way. Appearances include Kim Anna, a member of the Pakistani aristocratic family known as 'Supercar's gum price', Noor Naim with 50 million followers in the Middle East, Singaporean billionaire David Yong, Italian diamond spoon Teodoro, and Korea's Paris Hilton Yoo Hee-ra.

Producer Yeo Woon-hyeok said, "I have felt from the beginning that the word 'Korea' itself has become a hip and trendy country for young people around the world. I have also heard people say, 'Why do rich people from each country give up their comfortable lives in their own countries and stay in Korea?' “I wondered how many people were like that, and when I looked around, I found out that there were people like that,” he said of the reason for producing it.

Producer Park Hye-seong said, "It is an observational entertainment show that shows the daily lives of the super rich, but it does not focus only on that part. It incorporates the purpose of 'Why did you come to Korea?'. The part about what kind of work they do and how they spend their daily lives is “I think it will be approached in a fresh way,” he added.

Mimi said, "The subject matter seemed so fresh and fun, and I thought it would be fun while filming. I try to be honest in everything. I'm the type of person who would fail if I embellish," and added, "I was looking forward to watching the video with so much fun."

BamBam said, “It’s only been about a year since I started doing entertainment in earnest, but I’m thankful that Netflix gave me a great opportunity.”

‘Super Rich Stranger’ will be released on Netflix on the 7th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google