Ahn Jung-hwan and Kim Nam-il have lost all face.
Ahn Jung-hwan and Kim Nam-il have lost all face.
Ahn Jung-hwan and his workers succeeded in safely serving the first guests of the 0.5-star uninhabited island until check-out.

In MBC's entertainment show 'Good to Have a Good Rest' (hereinafter referred to as 'Good to Rest'), which aired on the 6th, the scene of 'CEO Ahn Jung-hwan, workers Kim Dae-ho, Kim Nam-il, and chef Lee Yeon-bok on the second day of check-in on a 0.5-star uninhabited island was depicted. Boom, Brian, Yoon Tae-jin, and NCT's Doyoung were present in the studio and watched their struggles as they did their best until the guests checked out. This day's broadcast recorded a viewership rating of 5.5% among households nationwide, ranking first among all Monday entertainment shows for two consecutive weeks. At the moment, the highest viewer rating soared to 8.1%, showing an increase compared to the previous week.

On the morning of the second day of the opening of the 0.5-star uninhabited island, unlike the guests who were well rested, the employees woke up tired from the aftermath of the previous day's hardships. Even as father-turned-worker Boom left the deserted island first to visit a postpartum care center, Kim Nam-il appeared as a daily worker. ‘CEO Ahn’ Ahn Jung-hwan greeted his younger brother Kim Nam-il, saying, “Kim Nam-il is an experienced worker who was born and raised on an island.”

As soon as he arrived on the island, Kim Nam-il, who became the 'youngest member of the island', was tasked with fetching water from the water tank at the top of the mountain. The image of Kim Nam-il, who grumbles about bad things but does whatever his senior Ahn Jung-hwan and Seomharu Kim Dae-ho tell him to do, left a strong impression.

Employees and guests started their day by eating ‘Turtle Son Kadamien’ made by Chef Lee Yeon-bok for breakfast. While the guests were taking a break, executives and employees checked the ‘customer voices’. There were a variety of suggestions, ranging from comments that it was inconvenient because there were no necessary amenities in the room, such as hangers and trash cans, to comments that it would be nice to clean up the goat poop on the walkway, to comments that they were not familiar with the geography of the island. CEO Ahn accepted all other opinions, but flatly rejected the opinion that it was inconvenient because there was no light at night, saying, “It is natural that there is no water and electricity on a 0.5-star uninhabited island.”

According to the suggestions, Dae-ho Kim created a map to help guests understand the geography of the island, while Ahn Jung-hwan and Nam-il Kim worked to clean up the walking trails. Among them, the sight of the two World Cup heroes chasing 'poo' instead of 'ball' on a deserted island rather than a soccer field attracted everyone's attention. In particular, Ahn Jung-hwan made people laugh by going so far as to collect goat excrement, saying, “I will use it as fertilizer for the garden later.”

After processing the number of guests, the executives and employees went to the sea at low tide. To serve guests a final meal on a 0.5-star deserted island. On the first day, Dae-ho Kim was the only 'meoguri' (a man who specializes in diving), but this time, even Nam-il Kim challenged the meoguri. While there was a strange tension in the Meoguri Daejeon, where the title of 'Island's youngest' was at stake, Kim Dae-ho, the No. 1 Meoguri, who skillfully searched along the coastline based on his experience, took the lead by catching an abalone first. However, Kim Nam-il, driven by his competitive spirit, succeeded in turning the situation around by catching three abalone in an instant. In addition, Kim Nam-il achieved a complete victory by catching an octopus with his bare hands.

A much richer selection of ingredients was prepared than on the first day, including black crabs caught by Ahn Jung-hwan and Lee Yeon-bok and black sea bream caught by guests. Lee Yeon-bok uses this to create dishes such as 'Abalone Cold Vegetables' as an appetizer, 'Kkanpung Chilge', octopus, and abalone wrapped in flour pancakes as high-end dishes, such as 'Seafood Gyeongjang-yuksa', and as meals, 'Gamseong Sea Bream Fried Rice' and 'Gamseong Sea Bream Spicy Soup'. Prepared as a course. Kim Nam-il prepared the fish on behalf of chef Lee Yeon-bok, who was busy preparing the course meal. Even though Kim Nam-il said it was his first time doing it, he surprised everyone by peeling the fish so well.

One by one, the food was completed and served to the guests' tables in order. The delicious dishes made by national chef Lee Yeon-bok using ingredients caught by national team players such as Ahn Jung-hwan and Kim Nam-il were praised by customers as “the best.” Meanwhile, in the scene where Kim Nam-il, wearing a serving uniform, goes out to check if viewers are satisfied with the service and responds kindly, the viewer rating soared to 8.1% and took the best minute. In response, his colleagues also highly praised Kim Nam-il’s service spirit, saying, “Unlike his charismatic appearance on the field, he is kind and kind.”

Kim Nam-il, who returned from serving, couldn't take his eyes off the fried rice left in the pot and was waiting for an opportunity. Ahn Jung-hwan, who saw this, stopped him and put the pot away, but eventually he couldn't help himself and ate the fried rice in a panic. Even Kim Nam-il joined in and the two World Cup heroes, who ate fried rice with their bare hands, brought laughter to the audience by putting down their face.

Lastly, Lee Yeon-bok prepared 'Chinese Bibimbap' with all the remaining ingredients as a staff meal. As an employee of a 0.5-star uninhabited island, the moment all work was completed and the moment he ate the 5-star hotel food, CEO Ahn Jeong-hwan was happy, saying, “I couldn’t be happier.” He then said, “Seeing the guests resting well makes all the hardships melt away,” and “I hope that in the future, there will be people who can go to the deserted island and rest well,” he said, expressing his feelings about successfully treating the first guests who checked in to the 0.5-star deserted island.

In the trailer released at the end of the broadcast, new daily workers Park Hang-seo, MONSTA X's Shownu, and Yoon Tae-jin appeared. ‘It’s a Good Thing to Get a Good Rest’ airs every Monday at 9 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google