Han Ga-in regains the appetite she lost after giving birth to her second child.
Han Ga-in regains the appetite she lost after giving birth to her second child.
The four members of tvN's 'Europe Outside Your Tent - Southern France' ended their trip by looking back on their past journey with the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

In the 11th episode of tvN's 'Europe Outside the Tent - Southern France', which aired on the 5th, the final journey of the four people from Burgundy, the mecca of wine, to Paris, the city of romance, was depicted.

The members who celebrated the holiday in France prepared a holiday banquet with a dinner menu to go with Burgundy wine. In particular, it was created using French ingredients to closely match the taste and feel of bulgogi, japchae, and assorted pancakes. The teamwork and holiday-like chemistry of the members, who play their roles with utmost care, centered on Ra Mi-ran, the director of the cafeteria, also brought joy.

The second round of Dasikwon started like water. The members started cooking stir-fried pork, braised ribs, and fried rice. Han Ga-in, who has a clean taste and was in charge of the sauce for braised ribs, voluntarily added the highly stimulating buldak sauce, earning a positive response from her younger siblings. Next, the Burgundy branch of the Dasikwon served an all-time great dinner with wine, including steamed sea conches prepared by Ra Miran for dessert, creating a holiday-like atmosphere.

The next morning, the members began preparing to head to Paris, their final destination. Han Ga-in, a Korean food lover, showed a complete corruption(?) of her clean taste buds by having bread and coffee for breakfast. Han Ga-in made people laugh by saying, “I lost my appetite after giving birth to my second child, but now that I come here, I keep wanting to eat something.” Looking back on her past journey, Jo Bo-ah expressed her desire to share good memories with her family, saying, "I will come back to France next year with my parents and younger brother."

The four Ten Outsides arrived in the romantic city of Paris, leaving behind memories of Burgundy. The members were happy as they took proof photos at their accommodation with a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower and downtown Paris. Next, the members began a 'bread pilgrimage', visiting bakeries loved by Parisians. From baguettes to macarons, pain au chocolat, and the visual king of eclairs, the four famous bakeries in France were introduced and caught everyone's attention. In particular, Ryu Hye-young showed vicarious satisfaction by showing her true bread parent (crazy about bread) wherever she went.

The members who saw the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris, could not hide their thrilled expressions. Ryu Hye-young also shed tears due to strange, unknown emotions. The members who returned to their lodgings reminisced about their last night in Paris with delivered food and wine. The four members of Ten Outside looked back on their past journey with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

'Europe Outside the Tent - Southern France' starts from Nice and goes to Verdon with its overwhelming natural beauty, Mont Aiguille filled with the atmosphere of the southern French countryside, Lyon, the foundation of French gastronomy, Chamonix Mont Blanc, where you can see the perpetual snow all year round, and the French-Swiss border. After passing through Lake Leman and Burgundy, the mecca of wine, we finished our 10 nights and 11 days journey in Paris, the end of romance. The 'Tour de Mont Blanc', a hellish trekking for 5 hours while carrying a backpack weighing more than 10kg, was the highlight of this Southern France episode.

Ramiran, a camping expert, was the leader of this camping and served as the director of the cafeteria. Han Ga-in, who used to be a 'mystic', revealed the opposite side of the easy-going 'Ga-in hyung'. Jo Bo-ah, the 'flirting fairy', radiated positive energy, and Ryu Hye-young was loved as a character who freely enjoys challenges.

'Europe Outside Your Tent' is a healing camping entertainment program that travels around Europe in a free way, using camping sites instead of hotels, rental cars instead of trains, and local supermarkets instead of restaurants. This Southern France episode, which featured the first female cast in history, recorded the highest viewership rating of 11.3% (Nielsen Korea, paid platform, based on households in the metropolitan area). In addition, it ranked first in the same time slot for 11 consecutive episodes, including cable general programming, in viewership ratings targeting households in the metropolitan area, nationwide, and 2049 targets.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google