Ahn Hyun-mo smiles after divorce from Rhymer
Ahn Hyun-mo smiles after divorce from Rhymer
Ahn Hyun-mo is taking her first ever photo shoot with her 101-year-old grandmother in 'The Battle of War'.

In the 297th episode of the MBC entertainment program 'Point of Omniscient Interfere' (planned by Kang Young-seon / directed by Kim Yun-jip, Jeon Jae-wook, Lee Kyung-soon, Jeong Dong-sik / writer Yeo Hyeon-jeon / hereinafter referred to as 'Omniscient Interference Point'), which will be broadcast at 11:10 pm on the 4th (today), simultaneous interpreter Ahn Hyun-mo A 101-year-old grandmother with a girlish beauty is revealed for the first time.

On this day, Ahn Hyun-mo and her manager head to Silver Town, where her maternal grandmother resides. Ahn Hyeon-mo prepared a special gift for her grandmother, who often looks at her photo album containing memories of the past. The maternal grandmother, who welcomed her granddaughter with great excitement, looked through the photo album with Ahn Hyun-mo, reminisced about her memories, and smiled as she still expressed excitement when she looked at her husband's photos. It is said that at this event, the maternal grandmother revealed her past romantic history to Ahn Hyeon-mo for the first time.

Meanwhile, Ahn Hyeon-mo makes the eyes of the observers wide open by revealing the story of her maternal grandmother's amazing pioneering plan. The maternal grandmother's decisive words had a great influence on Ahn Hyeon-mo, and curiosity is focused on what the grandmother's words were that overturned everyone's expectations.

Meanwhile, the photo shoot site with Ahn Hyun-mo and her maternal grandmother will also be revealed. Even while preparing for the pictorial, Ahn Hyun-mo can't take her eyes off her maternal grandmother and keeps exclamating her grandmother's appearance after she has finished preparing, thereby capturing precious memories.

As filming begins in earnest, Ahn Hyun-mo and maternal grandmother attract attention with their brilliant chemistry. In particular, even though it was her first photoshoot in her life, the maternal grandmother showed off the aspect of a 'photographer' by readily accepting directions that varied depending on the photoshoot concept, such as natural facial expressions and poses. Even though she is 101 years old, the lovely appearance of the maternal grandmother, who likes her like a little girl, raises the atmosphere of the scene and makes the viewers feel better. I am even more curious about the live broadcast to see what the photo studio of the two people's memories, which will be filled with emotion, will look like.

Meanwhile, 'All-Time' ranked first in the TV-OTT topical non-drama category on the 4th Saturday of April with a 15.87% share, taking first place for two consecutive weeks, proving that it is a strong Saturday night powerhouse in name and reality. (Source: ‘Fundex Report: K-Content Competitiveness Analysis’, Research Agency: Good Data Corporation)

The photo shoot of Ahn Hyun-mo and her maternal grandmother, full of happiness, can be seen on MBC's 'Point of Omniscient Interfere' at 11:10 pm on the 4th (today).

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google