Park Seong-hoon confesses his poor family history
Park Seong-hoon confesses his poor family history
Actor Park Sung-hoon shed tears as he recalled his poor childhood.

Park Sung-hoon, who emerged as a popular actor following 'The Glory' and 'Queen of Tears', appeared as a guest in the 242nd 'Full Bloom' special of tvN's entertainment show 'You Quiz on the Block' (hereinafter referred to as 'You Quiz'), which aired on the 1st. .

On this day, Park Seong-hoon revealed that he graduated from Gwacheon Foreign Language High School and said, "I took the test and luckily I did well. But I like languages and my grades were low in other subjects. Korean and English were in the top grades. I think that's why I got into it." .

When asked about his parents' reaction when he turned to acting after graduating from a foreign language high school, Park Seong-hoon said, "They were curious. I was an introverted child, so I couldn't raise my hands and make a presentation. I was scared of the world. Before I was discharged from the military, I was afraid of being haunted by a ghost. He said, “I’m very scared and I don’t really get angry. Even now, I’m not good at ordering by saying ‘here.’”

When asked if he felt he was well-known, Park Seong-hoon said, "Even Thai people recognize me. I got a lot of criticism (for my character), so I didn't get any advertisements." He added, "My goal was to appear on 'You Quiz' in 2025, so I wrote it down on the blackboard at home, and I ended up appearing." He said.

Regarding becoming an icon of success, Park Seong-hoon said, "I became more careful about my actions. Since I have a lot of juniors, I also become more careful about what I say and do. I try to be careful about the leaves that fall." He, who has decided on his next project, said, "I am in the final stages of filming 'Squid Game 2' and I am also filming the movie 'Tropical Night' in Bangkok. I am also appearing in the play 'Bbangya' for the first time in 7 years."
Park Seong-hoon confesses his poor family history
Park Seong-hoon confesses his poor family history
Regarding Kim Soo-hyun, who co-starred in 'Queen of Tears', "When I transitioned from theater to TV dramas, I referenced and liked Soo-hyun's acting. When I heard that I had been cast in this work, I was very happy and wondered what kind of person she was as a person." said.

He went on to say, “The reason Soohyun is smart is that she humbles herself. When she makes things awkward and says, ‘Uh-huh-huh,’ the atmosphere around her colleagues also becomes softer.” “Ji-won has a class leader style and is very kind. If she stays still, she gives her snacks.” Kwak Dong-yeon laughed while laughing. “I joked around a lot,” he explained.

Park Seong-hoon also explained the rumors about conglomerates and wealthy investors. He said, "I didn't grow up in a well-off family. My father worked at a bank, but when he retired after the IMF crisis, I became very poor in high school. I couldn't receive any support other than transportation expenses. I went to see a movie with a group at school, and my friends asked me to eat a hamburger, but I didn't have money for a hamburger. “I was sitting on the stairs because I didn’t have money, and my friend said, ‘I’ll lend you money so you can eat a hamburger,’ but I said I didn’t eat it because I had pride, and I cried while calling my father and saying, ‘I couldn’t eat a hamburger because I didn’t have money.’

He continued, “When I told him I was going on vacation after 8 months in the military, my mom said, “I think I should give you at least 5,000 won if you go on vacation, so please don’t go on vacation.” “I cried because I was so sad,” he added.

He said, "My parents were real estate agents, but at that time, house prices fell, so I had to pay a lot for office rent and house rent even if I just stayed still. The situation got worse to the point where I had to clean up the house I lived in. I received pocket money from friends when I went on vacation, and after being discharged from the military, I started working part-time right away. “I worked a lot of part-time jobs, including working at fast food, bars, and flyers,” he said.

He continued, "It was difficult even when I was playing. At first, I earned 50,000 won a year. I lived in a place like Song Kang-ho's house in the movie 'Parasite' for about 7 years, borrowing a deposit from my older sister and paying it back."

He also said, "My father worked as a credit card delivery worker, and as he took off his shoes and entered the room, he bowed his head and burst a blood vessel. He lost the use of one side of his body due to a cerebral hemorrhage, and seeing my father weakened made it difficult for me to face him. He went to the toilet and urinated alone. “He couldn’t even eat anything, he only ate seasoned food, and because half of his tongue was paralyzed, his speech was very slurred,” he said bitterly.

Park Seong-hoon wrote a video letter to his parents, saying, "My youngest son, who was always a worry, has become an actor who receives attention and support from many people, and has even appeared on 'You Quiz.' Thank you for raising my son, who was always weak, introverted, and timid, well. “Thanks to you, I was able to work hard until now with only one goal in mind,” he sobbed.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google