God Park Jun-hyung, he was a huge gold digger
God Park Jun-hyung, he was a huge gold digger
god Park Jun-hyung has proven to be a huge gold digger.

MBC's entertainment show 'Save Me!' aired on the 25th. In 'Holmes', Team Bok's 'It's Okay to Be Alone' won by being chosen by the client's family.

On this day's broadcast, a daughter who was looking for a country house for her father, who decided to return to the village alone due to differences of opinion with his mother, appeared as a client. Currently, the father has returned to his hometown in Uiseong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and has revealed that he is looking for a country house in the Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do and Ganghwa areas of Incheon, where families living in Seoul and the metropolitan area can frequently visit. We needed a garden and yard where we could plant crops, and we wanted a hospital, train station, and terminal nearby.

Singers Park Jun-hyung and Jang Dong-min appeared as representatives of the Bok team, and singer Brian appeared as the representative of the Deok team. Team Bok's first property was 'It's Okay to Be Alone' in Buk-myeon, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si. It was a single-family home completed in 2016, and on one side of the lawn was a vegetable garden, a furnace, and a self-made pavilion. The interior has a cozy wood interior, and the high ceiling adds to the sense of openness.

The second property for sale was ‘Father said the senior center was good♪’ in Mokcheon-eup, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si. It is located a 20-minute drive from Cheonan IC and downtown Cheonan, and a village hall, senior center, and bus stop are adjacent to the property. The pretty garden had a heart pond, a vegetable garden, and an outdoor toilet, and the interior boasted a sophisticated interior after modeling was completed in 2022. Above all, various home appliances were provided as basic options, attracting attention.
God Park Jun-hyung, he was a huge gold digger
God Park Jun-hyung, he was a huge gold digger
Team Deok’s first property was ‘Jijang to a villa’ in Ipjang-myeon, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si. It is a single-family home built in 1992 and completely remodeled in 2015. The playground-like lawn boasts the most beautiful landscaping, including Geumgang pine and wisteria benches. On one side of the spacious and luxurious living room was a well-lit study, and if you went up the spiral staircase, there was a small attic. In addition, the spacious master bedroom and bathroom were flawless.

The second item for sale was ‘Guok is alive!’ in Ganghwa-eup, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon. It was a single-family home located 10 minutes away by car from the town with the terminal, market, and hospital, and the community center was a 2-minute walk away. There was a vegetable garden and a chicken coop in the large lawn yard, and two hens that laid eggs every day were provided as an option. The remodeled interior was clean, and the Alpha Room with a folding door was connected to the yard.

On this day, when asked whether he preferred apartments or houses, Park Jun-hyung said, “100% houses,” and “I really hate apartments.” Park Jun-hyung, who lived in a house in Yeouido in the past, said, “The house in Yeouido where my father lived was so big that I called my dad on Armed Forces Day and asked if it would be possible to land a military helicopter on the roof.” He added, “The land of the house is probably 500 pyeong. “He said.

He then added, “The house is that big, so I could see it on the way from Gimpo to Yeouido,” adding, “The house in Yeouido was bigger than the golf driving range tent,” arousing admiration. Park Jun-hyung said, “After my father passed away, my family lived in a two-room apartment in the United States. At that time, if someone said something below me, I had to apologize and give them something. “I was traumatized at that time, so I prefer a house rather than an apartment,” he explained.

Brian revealed that he has no plans to get married. He said, “As I turn 40, I start to think, ‘Oh, I don’t need it.’” Yang Se-hyeong, who is 40 years old, also agreed, saying, “I’m moving towards Brian.” Jang Dong-min said, “Didn’t Park Jun-hyung and I go through that period? He said, "I got married after I lost interest," and Park Jun-hyung also said, "If you try too hard to find a love relationship, it won't come. “They came because I put it down,” he said. Brian said, “That’s right. “I met him because I thought we would be a good match, but since I started to see his shortcomings, my affection for him fell off,” he confessed.

The Bok team chose 'It's okay to be alone~' as the final offering, and the Deok team selected 'Gu-ok is alive!' as the final offering. The client's family chose Team Bok's 'It's Okay to Be Alone,' and with this, Team Bok recorded 87 wins.

In 'Dae-ho Came to See the House', painter and actor Park Ki-woong appears as a director's mate and joins Kim Dae-ho in Bonghwa-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do for 'I will live drunk on Cheongnyangsan Mountain!' rented a house The homeowner, who returned to his hometown after running a business in Seoul for 30 years, was able to heal while appreciating the four seasons of Cheongnyangsan Mountain in a house he remodeled on his own for three years.

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