Lee Jung-ok appears on MBC's 'I Hate Pork Cutlet'
Lee Jung-ok appears on MBC's 'I Hate Pork Cutlet'
Actress Lee Jung-ok is attracting attention by joining 'I Hate Pork Cutlet'.

Actress Lee Jung-ok, who is loved for her strong and unique acting in each work, is continuing her hard work by confirming her appearance in MBC TV's two-part one-act drama 'I Hate Pork Cutlet'.

MBC TV's two-part one-act drama 'I Hate Pork Cutlet' (planned by Kang Dae-seon/directed by Kim Young-jae/written by Noh Noh-ri) is about the village head who took the lead in neutering Baek-gu, a Casanova dog in Onghwa Village, who suddenly ends up like Baek-gu when he undergoes a vasectomy overnight. A human comedy drama full of ups and downs.

In this work, which was selected as the best short story at the 2023 MBC Drama Script Contest after being evaluated by the judges as 'the setting of cute comic situations and the charming and lovable characters', actor Jeong Sang-hoon played the role of the village head and Jeon Hye-bin played the role of the village head. With the news of her casting for the role of his wife, Shin-ae, attention is already growing.

Lee Jung-ok played the role of ‘Deoksam’ in the play. Deoksam is the daughter-in-law of Onghwa Village and a close friend of the Onghwa Village head. Lee Jung-ok portrays a character full of humanity with her own charm and is expected to add vitality to the play by showing off strong chemistry with Jeong Sang-hoon, who plays the village head.

Lee Jung-ok has gained a reputation as a scene-stealer with her scene-stealing performance and presence in works that were previously loved by viewers, including 'The Glory', 'Strong Woman Kang Nam-soon', 'Diva on a Deserted Island', and recently 'Murderer'. I took a picture.

Recently, he has continued to work tirelessly by announcing his appearance in the new SBS drama 'The Judge from Hell', and expectations are growing for him as he shows off his all-round acting skills and ability to portray attractive characters regardless of genre. Accordingly, attention is being paid to what kind of acting transformation Lee Jung-ok will bring to laughter in 'I Hate Pork Cutlet'.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google