‘The Fiery Priest 2’ Kim Nam-gil and Lee Ha-nui reunite again
‘The Fiery Priest 2’ Kim Nam-gil and Lee Ha-nui reunite again
Kim Nam-gil, Lee Ha-nui, Kim Sung-kyun, and Kim Hyeong-seo (BB) have confirmed their appearances in SBS' new drama 'The Fierce Priest 2'.

'The Fierce Priest 2', scheduled to be aired in the second half of 2024, is an 'extreme cooperation, no-dad-gu comic investigation drama' that tells the story of Kim Hae-il, a passionate priest with a still hot-tempered personality and a burning sense of justice, who heads to Busan in pursuit of a drug case that occurred in Gudam-gu. am.

In 'The Passionate Priest 2', Kim Hae-il, Park Kyeong-sun, and Koo Dae-young, who moved to Busan, form the 'Crime Overthrowing Avengers' with Busan's passionate drug detective Koo Ja-young, and end up with the 'Desire Villains' who are trying to form a large cartel through drugs. Let's compete. It will feature an upgraded scale, comical tension, fantastic chemistry, and even refreshing cider.

In particular, 'The Fiery Priest 1' was considered a hit of 2019, recording the highest viewership rating of 24% (based on Nielsen Korea's metropolitan area) at the time of airing. 'The Fiery Priest 1', which created various syndromes and received numerous requests for the production of 'Season 2' upon its conclusion, is causing a stir as it returns with Season 2 in the second half of 2024 after 5 years.

In relation to this, 'The Fierce Priest 2' has unveiled an ultra-luxurious lineup of actors that will excite home theaters in the second half of 2024. In 'The Fierce Priest 2', the 'Pierce Three', Kim Nam-gil, Lee Ha-nui, and Kim Sung-gyun, who reunite after 5 years, and singer and actor Kim Hyeong-seo (Bibi) join as new characters, encouraging a unique synergy.

First of all, Kim Nam-gil, who is known as the beginning and end of 'The Fiery Priest', plays Kim Hae-il, a hot-tempered Catholic priest, in Season 2 as well. Kim Nam-gil, who achieved a great success in his comical transformation as Kim Hae-il, who has the appearance of a gracious priest and a dictator with the face of a dictator, but has a very dirty temperament, delivers a passionate performance in Season 2 with his comical attitude that is willing to break down and high-flying action. , leading the ‘tsunami sickness’ boom again.

In Season 2, Lee Ha-nui shows off her unique class with her outstanding acting. In Season 2, Lee Ha-nui is the only and best Billionus with flashy speech, courage, and fighting skills, but she proves her status as a 'comic queen' by naturally portraying the role of Park Kyeong-seon, a prosecutor who reveals her handsomeness and is a 'nerd'.

Kim Sung-gyun also appears in Season 2 as Gu Dae-young, a detective on the violent crime team at Gudam Police Station. Kim Sung-gyun, who plays Koo Dae-yeong and is called 'a detective who is more like a priest than a priest' because he is a strong-willed braggadocio and a 'scratcher' who causes accidents, but is not ruthless, and Kim Nam-il, who plays Kim Hae-il, who is 'a priest who is more like a detective than a detective' in Season 2. They shine with a wide range of bromance and act as a ‘laugh button’.

Lastly, singer and actor Kim Hyeong-seo (Bibi), the protagonist of the sensationally popular hit song 'Bamyanggaeng', will appear in 'The Fiery Priest 2' following 'The Worst Evil' and 'Hwaran'. Kim Hyung-seo (BB) appears as Goo Ja-young, a detective from the Busan passionate drug team, a new character in 'The Fiery Priest 2', and solidifies her position as an actor with a fresh acting transformation that is different from the heavy and dark acting shown in the previous work.

'The Fiery Priest 2' is also attracting attention due to the collaboration of director Park Bo-ram and writer Park Jae-beom, who already worked together in 'The Fiery Priest 1'. Director Park Bo-ram, who debuted with 'Readers of the Heart of Evil' after co-directing 'The Fiery Priest 1', showed 'absolutely captivating' visual beauty with his delicate directing. Director Park Bo-ram is expected to complete 'Kim Nam-gil's three hit investigative dramas' with 'The Fierce Priest 2'.

In addition, writer Jay Park, who showed the 'standard of extreme comic investigative drama' with 'The Fiery Priest 1', created an over-immersion-inducing story that added dopamine to the exhilaration shown in 'The Three Musketeers of Justice', which continues with 'Chief Kim', 'Vincenzo', and 'The Fiery Priest 1'. presents viewers with a 'national digestive aid' drama.

The production team said, “‘The Fierce Priest 2’, scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of 2024, is based on an even wilder background and all parts, including laughter, action, and crime narrative, have been upgraded to megaton level.” “Please look forward to the ‘unrivaled triple acting chemistry’ that will be brought about by the comeback of Kim Nam-gil, Lee Ha-nui, and Kim Sung-gyun, as well as the passionate performance of Kim Hyeong-seo (BB), who will energize the play with a new character.”

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