Ham Eun-jung, 'struggle' for her father Yoon Da-hoon, whose business failed
Ham Eun-jung, 'struggle' for her father Yoon Da-hoon, whose business failed
Actress Ham Eun-jung coldly refuses her older sister Kang Byeol's request.

In the 22nd episode of KBS 1TV's daily drama 'We Are Suspicious' (directed by Park Ki-hyun / written by Nam Seon-hye / produced by Monster Union and Samhwa Networks) scheduled to be broadcast on the 24th (today), Jin Soo-ji (played by Ham Eun-jung) is in debt to her father Jin Jang-su (played by Yoon Da-hoon). struggling to repay.

In the previous broadcast, Jin Jang-soo's (Yoon Da-hoon) business investors caused a riot at Suzy's hospital. Jangsu told his family how much money he needed to save right away, and Jang Yoon-ja (played by Jo Mi-ryeong) asked Su-ji if she could solve it. So Suzy sought help from Jin Na-young (played by Kang Byeol). However, Nayoung expressed her anger, saying that she had no intention of adding even a single ten won.

A photo released today ahead of the main broadcast shows the Jin family gathering in one place and having a meeting to resolve the general's debt. Park Bok-seon (Seo Kwon-soon), the eldest member of the Jin family, gives away all of his assets, saying that it would be very difficult for Suzy to take care of the money on her own. In particular, the youngest member, Jin Do-young (played by Kim Jong-hoon), also helps Suzy in her own way, including contributing a small amount of money after selling her belongings.

Meanwhile, Na-young makes an earnest request to Su-ji, who is struggling, and Su-ji is extremely dumbfounded when she hears this. While the whole family is helping Suzy, Na-young tries to get Su-ji's help alone, raising questions about what kind of help she will ask Su-ji for and whether Su-ji will accept Na-young's request.

It can be seen in the 22nd episode of KBS 1TV's daily drama 'We're Lost', which airs at 8:30 pm today (24th).

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr
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