Park Se-jin, ADHD confession
Park Se-jin, ADHD confession
Park Se-jin, an English instructor, expressed the pain caused by ADHD.

Channel A's 'Oh Eun-young's Gold Counseling Center', which is scheduled to air tomorrow (25th) at 8:10 p.m., will be visited by beautiful English instructor Park Se-jin and Lee Hyang-nam, who won first place in the adult English category for three consecutive years, and Lee Hyang-nam.

Park Se-jin introduces himself in three languages, Japanese, French, and English, from the moment he appears, and is said to have turned the members of the counseling center into enthusiastic disciples with his tweezers lectures that anyone can easily learn. On this day, mother and daughter Park Se-jin and Lee Hyang-nam confess the fatal secret of an instructor at Ilta, along with the unexpected worry of “What should we do about our mother and daughter suffering from ADHD?” Park Se-jin confesses, “I suffer from ADHD, which makes it difficult for me to even do daily activities such as waking up on time in the morning and dressing for the weather, and I take more than 10 medications a day.” In response, mother Lee Hyang-nam added to her daughter's symptoms, saying, "She has been distracted since childhood, and she did things that other people did not do, such as biting the sharp lead with her mouth."

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who confirmed the mother and daughter's concerns, explains that ADHD causes problems in daily life because it is difficult to control and suppress self-control. Dr. Eun-young Oh, who analyzed Se-jin Park's prescription, said that Se-jin Park suffers from both ADHD and anxiety disorder. “When Se-jin Park is relaxed, his ADHD symptoms bloom, and when he controls his ADHD symptoms with medication, his concentration increases and he becomes anxious.” “We are experiencing a vicious cycle of distraction and anxiety.” He then explains that rather than relying on drugs to control distraction and anxiety, it is necessary to practice self-control.

In response, MC Jeong Hyeong-don asks Park Se-jin when he found out that he had ADHD. Park Se-jin said, “When I was in middle school, I went to the hospital at the recommendation of my teacher, and was diagnosed that if I didn’t have a tic disorder, I didn’t have ADHD. However, when I was 26, I experienced a business failure and decided there was a problem with my daily life, so I went to the hospital again and was diagnosed with ADHD.” In response, Dr. Oh Eun-young said, “For the average woman, the age at which ADHD is diagnosed is 16 years old,” and “I must have spent a long time without knowing why I was like this,” empathizing with Park Se-jin’s painful feelings.

Park Se-jin then confesses that school life was not easy due to ADHD. He confessed that he was always late, was treated as a fourth-dimensional person and a weirdo due to his tactlessness and lack of social skills, and suffered severe school violence. In response, mother Lee Hyang-nam confessed that she had seen and evaluated the children who were bullying her daughter, but that there was no way to bully them as a group, and that at the time, because the child was having a hard time, laughter among the family disappeared and the atmosphere at home became dark.

Dr. Eunyoung Oh, who listened to the two people's story, pointed out, "Currently, the cause and treatment of ADHD are being identified, but the psychology of parents raising children with ADHD is not addressed," adding, "About 70% of primary caregivers of children with ADHD “I am suffering from depression,” he explains. In addition, mother Lee Hyang-nam understands the feelings of mother Lee Hyang-nam, saying that she feels the burden of helping take care of the personal affairs of her child who has difficulty in everyday life, and that she also feels guilty for harshly reprimanding her child who cannot understand no matter how much she explains. Hyang-nam Lee then sympathizes greatly, saying that the intensity of scolding the child is getting stronger and the situation is getting worse.

Meanwhile, Dr. Oh Eun-young reveals a video of the conversation between the mother and daughter, saying that they seem to be very disappointed and disappointed in their conversation. Accordingly, Dr. Oh Eun-young surprises everyone by presenting a twisted analysis that suggests that the core of the mother-daughter relationship is not ADHD.

‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’ airs every Thursday at 8:10 pm on Channel A.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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