Lim Ye-jin "I regret marrying producer Choi Chang-wook"
Lim Ye-jin "I regret marrying producer Choi Chang-wook"
Actress Lim Ye-jin reveals that she regretted marrying her husband from the start.

Lim Ye-jin, Kim Jun-hyun, and Lee Sang-jun will appear as guests on the SBS entertainment show 'Single For Men, Take Off Your Shoes', which will be aired on the 23rd.

On this day, Lim Ye-jin revealed for the first time the circumstances that led her to start dating her husband, a drama producer whom she met at a broadcasting station, and end up marrying him. Lim Ye-jin, who did not even know her husband existed for several months during her office relationship, said, “You are the first man to do this to me!” She revealed an episode in which she was helpless due to her husband's push and pull, drawing everyone's attention.

Lim Ye-jin surprised everyone by revealing that she regretted marrying a husband who did not match her smile code during her newlywed years. In response, Tak Jae-hoon makes people burst into laughter by saying, “I have to look back and see if I was really funny.” Afterwards, Lim Ye-jin said, “There has never been a fiery love, and there will never be one in the future,” while she also said, “Even if I were reborn, I would still marry my current husband,” making people laugh by showing her back and forth.

Kim Jun-hyeon reveals his own mukbang philosophy, saying, “Noodle mukbang is a comprehensive artistic act” and “Wearing an apron is an amateur.” In particular, he said that the noodle cutting methods for ramen and Garak noodles are completely different, and gave a demonstration of cutting noodles in person. For the first time on air, he compares two types of noodles and gives his own mukbang tips, showing off his appearance as a renowned mukbang expert.

Kim Jun-hyeon then reveals that food was at the center of how he met his current wife. He won the love of his wife, a college junior, by asking her to eat a light meal of chicken. ‘Single for Men’ is also intrigued by the reveal of Kim Jun-hyun’s unique mukbang plotting method. Accordingly, Lee Sang-jun appealed to his popularity and claimed to resemble Son Seok-gu, which aroused the ire of the audience.

‘Single for Men’ airs every Tuesday at 9 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google