Was SES Eugene this popular?
Was SES Eugene this popular?
Bada reveals the episode that made Brian, Tony An, and Kim Jaejoong 'heart-throb'. Kim Gu-ra listens to the story of Bada, who was popular among male singers during the SES days, and exclaims, “She’s SM’s femme fatale,” making people laugh.

MBC's entertainment show 'Radio Star', which will be broadcast on the 24th, will feature a special feature called 'Dreams Control' featuring Lee Da-hae, Bada, Kwon Hyuk-soo, and Jo Kwon.

The sea returns to ‘Las’ after a year. From the beginning of the recording, he promotes his new song 'Ping' and aims for 'Las Coin', saying, "Isn't it really popular because Bibi's 'Chestnut Yoggang' appeared in 'Las'?" Bada introduces the new song by saying, “It is a lovely version of ‘Mad,’” and “We invited people who direct top-class idols such as New Jeans, Aespa, and Ive.” Guests who are familiar with the sea rolled up their sleeves for the 'second night yanggaeng', and the support of guests who fell in love with the addictive melody made them smile.

Bada decided to sing a congratulatory song at the wedding of Se7en and Lee Da-hae, but reveals the story of why she sent a congratulatory video to Lee Da-hae that was filmed while crying at the French airport. When Lee Da-hae mentioned the congratulatory video she received from the sea, Kim Gu-ra gave a thumbs up, saying, “You’re a professional, after all.” This raises curiosity.

Not long ago, Bada became a hot topic as a high-tension powerhouse that made even Kim Ho-young of the world quicken his energy. He was invited to Kim Ho-young's YouTube channel, and after taking nutritional tonic, he made up his mind to explode the tension, making people laugh. In addition, they rank the top three high-tension artists in the Korean broadcasting industry, including Bada, Kim Ho-young, and Jo Kwon. Jo Kwon mentions Bada's high tension, which she never tires of, saying, "My sister is very pure high-tension in nature." This makes me curious about what Bada would say to Kim Gura’s question, “Does your husband like your tension?”

An episode in which the sea proves its extraordinary tension will also be revealed. As I was standing at the event with a bad neck condition, I performed with even more passion, but an unexpected situation occurred where my shoelaces came loose. Also, it is said that everyone was in awe of Bada's high tension as she lay down on the ground to express her gratitude to a fan who came by on her way home from work. Kim Gu-ra makes a comparison, saying, “Watching The Passion of the Sea reminds me of Jang Hee-bin eating poisonous medicine,” causing laughter.

The tension that Bada passed down to her daughter is revealed. Bada says, “When I go to a kids cafe, other children get tired after playing for about 7 hours, but my daughter doesn’t get tired even after playing for 10 hours.” In response, Lee Da-hae, a close friend, said, “If you go for a walk with a mother and daughter by the sea, you will be in big trouble.” She added, “Not only is there tension with the baby, but the walk can’t proceed because of talking to people in the neighborhood.” Jo Kwon also said, “If I go for a walk with Bada, it takes a long time. “That’s why I only pass by (my sister’s house) when I return from walking the dog,” he counters.

Bada's popularity during her SES days has been revealed, drawing attention. Bada mentions an episode that touched the hearts of Brian, Tony An, and Kim Jaejoong, saying, “They said I was their ideal type.” He also reveals the secret story of his role as a messenger, saying, “I was contacted by some of the most famous male celebrities in Korea.” “At first, we got to know each other on a human level, but at some point, he asked, ‘Is Yujin in?’ and ‘What is Yujin doing?’” he said, making me laugh with a bitter look.

The promotion of Bada's new song and SES's popularity during its heyday can be seen on 'Radio Star', which will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 24th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google