Park Jung-hyun is rumored to be retiring from the music industry.
Park Jung-hyun is rumored to be retiring from the music industry.
Park Jeong-hyeon and Lee Young-hyeon of ‘Park So-Igeo’ (Park Jeong-hyun, Sohyang, Lee Young-hyun, and Gummy), who are considered one of the ‘four great kings’ of Korean female vocalists, finally meet.

In the 7th episode of the E Channel/Channel S entertainment show 'Playing Sister 2', which airs at 8:40 pm on Tuesday, April 23, 'R&B Fairy' Park Jung-hyun appears as a guest, and Chae Rina receive a warm welcome.

On this day, Park Jung-hyun, who appeared in a 'fairy form' in a forest full of flowers, exchanged formal greetings, saying, "We have something in common in our paths as singers, so I came out with the expectation that we would have many questions about each other." In response, the sisters said, “‘Park’ and ‘Lee’ from ‘Park Soiger’ finally met,” and were thrilled by the precious two-shot achieved through ‘Playing Sister 2’. In particular, Lee Ji-hye praises the two, saying, “Aren’t they the legends of ‘I Am a Singer’?” and Lee Young-hyun repeatedly bows her head, saying, “It’s an honor for me (to meet Park Jung-hyun).”

After an enthusiastic welcome, Park Jung-hyun reveals his secret cooking skills. Making T-bone steak, chimichurri sauce, cowboy caviar, and homemade nachos to serve to my sisters. At the dinner that followed, Lee Young-hyun asked Park Jeong-hyun, “Have you ever wanted to quit music?” Park Jung-hyun surprises everyone by giving an unexpected answer, “Almost every day.” Younghyun Lee confesses, “The listeners change, but I sing the same song every day, so at some point I feel like I’m singing like a machine.” Park Jung-hyun also said, “I became a singer because I loved music so much, but since it became my job, I stopped listening to music much. “It’s not that it’s not fun, but the relationship has changed,” he sympathizes. Finally, Park Jung-hyun makes the perfect analogy, “You got married while dating,” and Chae Rina immediately counters by saying, “You live with loyalty~”, making the sisters burst into laughter.

The meeting between Park Jung-hyun and Lee Young-hyun, which finally took place, and the deep empathic talk shared by the two leading female singers of Korea will be aired on episode 7 of the E Channel/Channel S co-produced entertainment show 'Playing Sister 2', which will air at 8:40 pm on Tuesday, April 23. You can check it here.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google