Lee Sang-min, diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment
Lee Sang-min, diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment
Lee Sang-min was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment in a dementia test.

The SBS entertainment show 'My Little Old Boy' (hereinafter referred to as 'My Little Old Boy'), which aired on the 21st, included a scene where Kim Seung-soo and Lee Sang-min visit a hospital for a dementia test.

On this day, Lee Sang-min followed Kim Seung-soo, who was concerned about dementia, and underwent a dementia test. Kim Seung-soo was worried about early-stage dementia, saying that he had been drinking recently and was unable to properly remember what happened the previous day, and that he was so forgetful that he suddenly couldn't even remember the name of the manager he had worked with for a year and a half. Lee Sang-min also revealed blackout symptoms, saying he couldn't remember making snacks while drinking.

The doctor said, “Blackout itself can be seen as a state in which your body is already unable to accept alcohol. It's a warning signal my body sends me. Since you don't have the ability to decipher it, don't eat it. “If the blackout continues, it will lead to alcoholic dementia,” he warned.
Lee Sang-min, diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment
Lee Sang-min, diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment
As a result of the dementia test, Kim Seung-soo's neutral fat content was more than three times the normal level. Cholesterol was also high. An MRI of the head showed that Kim Seung-soo had a lot of white areas, so it seemed like his brain volume had decreased, but the cognitive ability test was good.

Lee Sang-min had a problem with his memory. It shows a memory graph falling below the red line. The doctor mentioned the results of the 'Say 12 Words' test and diagnosed that "compared to his age and education level, he has already developed memory problems."

The doctor said, “Based on the test results, Seung-soo Kim is still in the forgetful stage, but Lee Sang-min is said to have mild cognitive impairment, so boundary problems in cognitive function were confirmed.” He added, "After about 6 years, about two-thirds of patients with 'mild cognitive impairment' may develop dementia," adding, "You need to take care of your brain from now on. With treatment, more than 90% can recover."

Lee Sang-min said bitterly, “My brother (Kim Seung-soo) got sick and I followed him, but I’m not in a good situation,” and was upset, saying, “Honestly, I think I’ll go home and have a glass of whiskey.”
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