Yang Ji-eun's husband received notice of dismissal
Yang Ji-eun's husband received notice of dismissal
Singer Yang Ji-eun gives a notice of dismissal to her husband, a dentist of the same age.

Yang Ji-eun, the owner of explosive singing ability that goes beyond Korean traditional music and trot, returns on KBS2's entertainment show 'New Releases' (hereinafter referred to as 'Pyeon Restaurant'), which airs on the 19th. Yang Ji-eun, who showed off her sweet marital love with her handsome-looking dentist husband of the same age during her last appearance, aroused curiosity by saying that she suddenly handed her husband a notice of dismissal this time.

In the VCR released on this day, Yang Ji-eun excited her husband by saying, “I have a gift for you.” While attention was focused on what kind of gift it would be, Yang Ji-eun's gift that was revealed was a piece of paper. A piece of paper with a notice of dismissal written on it appeared, surprising everyone. Yang Ji-eun said that her husband had taken a break from his full-time job as a dentist for the past three years to take care of childcare and housework as a full-time housewife, but that it was a gift she gave her as a sign that she should now return to her full-time job.

The husband who received the notice of dismissal said, “I was thinking about it. “We need to show our children how their father works,” he said. Yang Ji-eun supported her husband, saying, “You’ve helped me realize my dreams, so now you can make your dreams come true again.”

Next, the professional housewife husband's handover of childcare began, and all the 'Pyeon Restaurant' family members who looked into the details could not hide their surprise. My husband, who is a dentist, was providing healthy meals for the children by adjusting the calories for each meal and snack. They were also making all-purpose stir-fried pork and homemade pickled radish for the children. Yang Ji-eun wrote down her husband's recipe and promised, "I will try to do it well now," making everyone laugh. Ryu Soo-young, the father who cooks at ‘Pyeon Restaurant’, saw this and said, “He’s not just a dad. “He’s a great dad,” he said, unable to keep his mouth shut.

Yang Ji-eun then cooked a hearty Jeju meal with ingredients directly brought in from Jeju to support her husband's preparations for returning to his regular job. Yang Ji-eun's Jeju table that makes your mouth water just by looking at it, Yang Ji-eun and her husband's sweet marital love, and even their affectionate and warm sincerity toward each other are revealed in 'Newly Released Pyeon Restaurant', which will be broadcast at 8:30 pm on the 19th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google