Ra Seon-wook, who lost 13 kg, sparked controversy
Ra Seon-wook, who lost 13 kg, sparked controversy
Controversy over Ra Seon-wook, who lost 13 kg, is a 'fake fat guy'.

In the SBS entertainment show 'Big Survival - Mukchippa', which will be broadcast on the 18th, the 'Physical VS Big Physical' showdown continues with guests Kim Dong-hyun and Hong Yun-hwa, continuing from last week.

On this day's 'Mukchippa', chicken is delivered to the big guys who are taking a break during break, raising curiosity. With the chicken provided without compensation, each member falls into a dilemma over whether to eat it or not. After a moment of suspicion, the unbearable smell of chicken raised the white flag one by one and started the mukbang, and it is said that an unexpected member who kept his temper and fasted until the end came out and surprised everyone.

Afterwards, when given the absurd mission of having to guess who ate the chicken by just looking at the peeled chicken bones, the big guys are astonished. Curiosity is growing as to which member will be the member who activated his 'big sense' and showed off an amazing reasoning ability comparable to that of the National Forensic Service.

Kim Dong-hyun, who was getting tired after completing mission after mission, was asked, “How does it compare to being physically 100?” and answered, “It’s a lot harder to be a loser,” making the phenomenon burst into laughter. Kim Dong-hyun, ranked 6th in the UFC world rankings, who took on the mission of eating a moving bread in one bite, expressed strong confidence, saying, “I cover my eyes and train to avoid metal balls,” but as soon as he started, he suffered the humiliation of being hit in the back of the head by a bread. “Isn’t it a concussion?” the bigger people laugh at him.

Seo Jang-hoon also takes on the challenge while meeting the expectations of his younger siblings. While he was willing to be humiliated, he burst out laughing at the sight of Seo Jang-hoon saying, “It’s so humiliating.”

The youngest member, Ra Seon-wook, is embarrassed by the 'fake fat theory'. Na Seon-wook, who revealed last week that he lost 13 kg through dieting, shocked everyone by making an outrageous remark, “I hope (our team) loses,” ahead of the final mission with a prize for tteokbokki. The members were angry, saying, “Aren’t you crazy?” and “These are words that can’t be said in a food bar.” Hong Yun-hwa, a member of the same team, said, “Are you a fake fat person?” Attention is being paid to whether Ra Seon-wook will be able to rid himself of the stigma of being a 'fake fat man', as he is said to have begun emergency mental education, saying, "Come to your senses!"

‘Big Survival – Mukjjippa’ airs every Thursday at 9 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google