Yoon Ki-won confesses to being a victim of verbal abuse after remarriage
Yoon Ki-won confesses to being a victim of verbal abuse after remarriage
On Channel A's 'Oh Eun-young's Gold Counseling Center', which airs today (18th), actors Yoon Ki-won and Lee Joo-hyun will visit as the third customers of the "Family Reconciliation Project."

On this day, Yoon Ki-won and Lee Joo-hyun, a couple, confessed their unexpected worries, saying, “I want to live well,” even though they were celebrating their one-year anniversary of remarriage. Since he is a remarriage, he says, "I don't want to hurt anyone anymore, so I don't talk about it," and talks about the real-life concerns of remarried couples. Dr. Oh Eun-young, who watched the couple's conversation, throws out factual violence, saying, "Actor Yoon Ki-won is a good old man." Next, Dr. Eun-young Oh mentioned some of the old ways of speaking, such as denial of the other person's words such as "Oh, it's not right", the illusion that he knows everything, such as "I know," and the insistence that my words are the answer, such as "That's right." Dam points out that he has an old-fashioned way of speaking.

In addition, Dr. Oh Eun-young said, "Actor Yoon Ki-won reacts quickly to help people with good feelings," and emphasized that sometimes such expressions can be misunderstood, so it is necessary to practice responding with "Really?" first. However, Yoon Ki-won is reluctant to practice and change, saying, "I can't stand it when I do something awkward. What can I do when my nature is like that?" and shows an attitude of sticking to his own attitude.

In response, Dr. Eunyoung Oh firmly says, “You need to practice for your relationships with people close to you.” Regarding Yoon Ki-won, who started a new family, he said, "It is difficult to have a biological child, but I am concerned that it will be even more difficult to raise a 12-year-old son from my marriage with my wife." Yoon Ki-won confesses, "Actually, I have a complex. I try to fix it, but it doesn't work." He reflects on his attitude, revealing his inner feelings that he feels strongly against it when someone points out his efforts.

Another concern of wife Lee Joo-hyun is revealed. Wife Lee Ju-hyeon expresses her difficulties, saying, "After remarriage, my relationship with my husband and children is good, but I don't know whose side I should take between my husband and children." He later found out that his son had been verbally abused by his friends at the school he had transferred to, such as, "Your parents are divorced and you speak a Busan dialect," and I began to pay attention to my son's behavior because I didn't want to hurt him further. In addition, during the first couple's fight with Yoon Ki-won, her son "got scared and cried," and afterward, she tried not to fight as much as possible, but it was not easy, and she shared her honest concerns as a remarried mother.

As soon as the video ended, Yoon Ki-won, who was unable to hide his upset feelings, revealed that he knew about his son's verbal abuse from his friends and that he went to the friend in question and gave him a firm warning and request. Wife Lee Joo-hyeon then talks about Yoon Ki-won's parenting style in solving his son's problems, saying, "My husband listens to my son's stories and talks about his own experiences." Accordingly, Dr. Eun-young Oh praises Yoon Ki-won's parenting style, saying, "Telling about the dark history of parents helps the child feel identified and can talk better when there are difficulties."

Also, his wife Lee Joo-hyun recalls the time when she had to come from Busan to Seoul for work. He shed tears as he said he felt guilty about leaving his father, who is suffering from Parkinson's disease, and his 12-year-old son in Busan. At that time, I had a strong thought, “I need to work harder and become successful faster so I can help my family,” and I confess to the past days when I couldn’t rest because I felt sorry. She then expressed her gratitude by saying, “My husband took the initiative to tell me that he was worried that the relationship between mother and son would become distant and that we should get married and have children,” and that he wanted to do better for her.

Next, his wife Lee Ju-hyun boasts that her husband still “cooks a different breakfast for my son every day,” and she also praises Yoon Ki-won for working hard to make breakfast a habit for his son’s health. Meanwhile, a son's heartfelt letter written to his father Yoon Ki-won appears in the studio, breaking the hearts of the families at the counseling center. Yoon Ki-won remembers his father, who passed away two years ago, and says, "I regretted the parts we couldn't have a friendly conversation with," showing his deep love for his son by saying that he is trying to fill those parts. Dr. Oh Eun-young then confesses that the burden of being a father is still too much for him, and he spares no effort to offer sincere consolation and encouragement to Yoon Ki-won, who is trying to become a good father.

Dr. Eun-young Oh is said to have pointed out the old-fashioned communication style of Yoon Ki-won, who is highly dominant, and his wife Lee Joo-hyun's overly accepting attitude, and gave advice on the concerns the couple had experienced, thereby relieving the couple's burden on their new start.

'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center' will be broadcast on the 18th at 8:10 pm after a change in programming.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google