'I'm Solo' 19th Sang-cheol and Ok-sun become a real-life couple
'I'm Solo' 19th Sang-cheol and Ok-sun become a real-life couple
The 19th episode of ‘I’m SOLO’ failed to create a couple in the final selection. However, Sang-cheol and Ok-soon, who left 'Solo Country 19th Street', confirmed their feelings for each other in real life and became a 'convinced couple' who even dreamed of getting married.

On the SBS Plus and ENA entertainment show 'I Am SOLO', which aired on the 17th, the final selection results for the 19th group, a special soloist from birth, were revealed. Meanwhile, 3MC Defcon, Lee Yi-kyung, and Song Hae-na have been wishing with both hands, saying, “I hope at least one couple can be born,” but not a single couple has been born in ‘Solo Country 19th Street’. Just when everyone was feeling disappointed, Sang-cheol and Ok-sun, who had developed into 'hyeonkers' after filming ended, appeared. Afterwards, the two returned to 'Solo Country 19' and presented a touching ending with their final choice of each other.

Sang-cheol, who had previously been chosen as a date by Ok-sun, Young-sook, and Hyeon-sook, started the '3 to 1 date', which was a burden. He often took care of Oksoon in the moving car, and even at the famous Seokgalbi restaurant, he only took care of Oksoon. Finally, during the '1-on-1 conversation time', Sang-cheol only talked about Ok-soon to Young-sook and Hyeon-sook, making them embarrassed. On the other hand, Sang-cheol, who sat across from Ok-sun, actively appealed to her liking. “I decided not to betray,” he said, referring to the upcoming final choice. “Promise me,” he held out his little finger, and in response to Ok-sun’s remark, “You don’t believe me?”, he said, “I want to stay with you because we have fun together. “I think I like it,” he confessed his true feelings seriously. After the date, Oksoon said in an interview with the production crew, “I think I’m starting to like her a little bit,” but she cautiously said, “I’m not sure yet.”

Youngja had no rational feelings, but was troubled as she recalled the end of her first relationship and her regrets, when she hurt the other person by saying “please wait.” Next, he said to Yeong-sik, who came to the women’s dorm, “I don’t want to make (Young-soo) my final choice, and I have no intention of dating him. However, it is also inconvenient to completely cut ties,” the counselor said. Yeong-sik advised him to show his refusal lightly, saying, “If you talk as if you are too sorry when talking to Young-soo, it will actually hurt you.” After hearing Yeong-sik’s words, Yeong-ja felt at ease and immediately called Yeong-su over and said, “I’ll be honest with you. “I will not make the final choice tomorrow,” he declared. He continued, “I think he’s a really good person. “I want to continue to be friends,” he added.

In response to Young-ja’s sudden remark of ‘giving up the final choice’, Young-soo said, “I won’t burden you. “I’m sorry for making you say that in the first place,” he replied. Afterwards, Young-su, who returned to the men's dormitory, was lost in thought and thought to the production crew, saying, "From what I understand, it's not that he has changed his mind, but it seems like he wants to start without making a final choice." An interpretation was provided.
'I'm Solo' 19th Sang-cheol and Ok-sun become a real-life couple
'I'm Solo' 19th Sang-cheol and Ok-sun become a real-life couple
When the day of final selection finally arrived, Sunja returned Yeongsu's coat that she had borrowed the day before and expressed her feelings by gifting her a character pen and badge she had made herself. Sang-cheol came to the women's dormitory, and Ok-sun made a remark with Yeong-sik in mind, saying, "It's hard for me to think that someone might get hurt when I make a choice." In response, Sang-cheol powerfully said, “Why don’t you just trust me and follow me?” Yeong-sik, who had been watching the prolonged conversation between Sang-cheol and Ok-sun through the window from afar, approached Ok-soon when the conversation between the two ended. He then said, “In my case, I don’t give up (my heart),” and added, “The final choice doesn’t mean much to us. “Even if we don’t make a choice here, we will keep in touch, and we will learn how to take pictures (your favorite hobby) by watching YouTube,” he appealed. Ok-soon nodded at Yeong-sik’s words, saying, “I don’t know what will happen, so it’s a good idea to go out and meet him first.”

The 19th class of solo men and women who gathered just before the final selection had time to make a 'final confession' via walkie-talkie. Here, Youngho radioed to Hyunsuk, “If you feel sorry for me, I hope it eases a little,” and Hyunsook responded, “I’m sorry that my heart didn’t follow you as much as I did.” Gwang-soo then expressed his interest in Young-sook, saying, “I’m trying to convey this feeling so that I don’t regret it when I look back on this moment after a long time,” and Young-sook said, “Gwang-soo is a good person. “I’m clumsy and quick-witted, but thank you for being sincere,” he responded, making Gwangsu cry again.

Young-su choked back tears, saying to Young-ja, “If you weren’t here, it wouldn’t have meant anything,” and Young-ja thanked him, saying, “Thanks to Young-soo, I think I will be able to live with more confidence even when I go on to ‘Solo Country’ in the future.” Sang-cheol said, “It was the first time I felt like time was a waste. “If this is what you like, I guess so,” he confessed to Ok-sun, and Yeong-sik, who received the walkie-talkie, appealed with tears, saying, “I hope our meeting continues in Busan.” Ok-sun radioed Yeong-sik, saying, “I don’t know if we will have a chance to get to know each other better, but thank you for showing interest in me,” and to Sang-cheol, “I hope we can spend more time together.”

Before the final selection, a single man and woman met through a walkie-talkie confession and had their last date together. Then we started making the final choices one by one. Here, Yeongsuk, Yeongcheol, Jeongsuk, Yeongho, Hyeonsuk, and Sunja all gave up their final choices. On the other hand, Youngsu said, “Six days and five nights in ‘Solo Country’ was a meaningful time for me. After saying, “I met someone who is very close to my ideal type,” he went straight to Youngja. Youngja, who had previously declared that she would give up on making the 'final choice', did not make the final choice as expected, saying, "This place was really too much of an experience for me."

Sang-cheol approached Ok-soon, saying, “(You guys) created one person,” and Yeong-sik gave up the final choice, saying, “Our end is not here, it begins now.” Finally, Oksoon gave up on making the final choice after saying, “I came here and found out about myself that I didn’t know before, and I gained enlightenment.” Afterwards, Ok-soon revealed her true feelings, saying, “Rather than being lovers, I want to remain only good friends (with Sang-cheol).” When the final selection was made, Sangcheol cried alone in a corner. Ok-soon approached Sang-cheol and comforted him, saying, “I think the second round is more important.” In the end, the two people held each other and shed tears.

'Solo Country 19th Street', which seemed to end with the unprecedented result of 'Couple Zero', gave goosebumps to 3 MCs Defconn, Lee Yi-kyung, and Song Hae-na with the surprise appearance of Sang-cheol and Ok-soon, who became 'Hyeonkers' in the blooming spring. Ok-sun, who appeared in the mood of a happy couple, said, “I regretted it the moment I turned around and said I would not make the final choice. So I cried a lot. He was embarrassed and asked, “Why did I do that back then?” and Sangcheol laughed, saying, “They still make fun of me about that.”

Next, Sang-cheol, who stood again at the final selection of ‘Solo Country 19th Street’, said, “I am so happy now. “I ask for your continued support so that my first relationship can become my last relationship,” he said, going straight to Ok-sun and repeating his final choice. Oksoon said, “Will I ever meet someone who loves me like this? “I’ve been thinking about it my whole life, and I met that kind of person,” he said with a bright smile. Ok-soon even gave Sang-cheol a 'powerful kiss' first, and the two said, "The first kiss was in the car, and we hope to get married next summer."

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google