Narsha couple revealed their close relationship.
Narsha couple revealed their close relationship.
Narsha and her husband showed off their golden eyes.

The 6th episode of Channel S·E Channel's entertainment show 'Playing with Sister 2', which aired on the 16th, featured a package flower viewing trip for the family, and the mothers of Chae-rina and Lee Young-hyun, the husbands of Lee Ji-hye and Narsha, and Choa's older sister all showed up. Ivy served as a one-day tour guide and led an enriching itinerary that included viewing the flowers at Cornus officinalis Village, a full lunch of rice in Icheon, and steaming in a charcoal kiln.

The sisters, who started their package tour on a group bus, got excited with 'karaoke time' on the bus before arriving at their first destination, Sansuyu Village. In particular, Narsha cheered when Ivy introduced cornelian cherry juice, which is said to be good for increasing stamina, as a product. Ivy asked, “Do you need a lot?” Narsha's husband Hwang Tae-kyung said, "It's good for the upper body." Narsha said, “Not the lower body?” and her husband nodded.

Lee Ji-hye and her husband immediately gave the prize to Narsha and her husband, causing laughter. Furthermore, Lee Ji-hye's husband, Moon Jae-wan, self-disclosed, saying, "I am a man with his head down," and Lee Ji-hye devastated the scene by correcting, "My husband expressed it wrong. The (sperm) index is a bit low, but he is not with his head down." Meanwhile, Chae-rina showed off the close bond between mother and daughter, saying, "Mom and best friend!", and Young-hyun Lee said, "My mother swept the prizes at a singing competition in the past," proving her 'King of Singer DNA.'

After a stormy 'karaoke time', upon arriving at Cornus officinalis Village, Lee Ji-hye and Narsha went out to see flowers as a couple. While taking a walk, Hwang Tae-kyung, Narsha's husband, vividly confessed the reality of being a captive husband, saying, "I feel like I'm free, but it's on my wife's palm," and "If I say something wrong, I get a text message saying, 'Do you have two lives?'" Moon Jae-wan said, “I sympathize so much,” and added, “We should meet separately.” Hwang Tae-kyung also confessed, “After marriage, my feelings disappeared.” Moon Jae-wan said, “You have to abandon me,” and gave ‘serious advice’ that I 200% understood. On the other hand, when Hwang Tae-kyung confessed the difficulties of receiving attention as a member of a celebrity family, Moon Jae-wan made people laugh by boasting that he was as tolerant as his wife, saying, "I love it. Originally, I had 24 followers on social media, but after getting married, it increased to 40,000."

Chae Rina, who was fondly viewing flowers with her mother, recalled her diligent school days before she fell in love with dancing. Her mother was proud of her daughter who swept various awards, including art contests, arithmetic contests, and science contests, saying, "I wanted to teach the best." However, he also said, "Even though I was good at everything, I couldn't last more than a month when I was sent to academy school. Except for dancing in Itaewon." In addition, after recalling the past of giving pocket money without her father's knowledge and sending her to a club every night, she also reveals the secret story of how she went to the company with her daughter when she was considering joining Lula because she did not like dancing. At the same time, the mother added, "The boss of the agency told me at the time, 'From the second album onwards, you can dance however you want,'" showing her extreme love for her daughter.

Younghyun Lee's mother and daughter also sat on chairs side by side and went on a trip down memory lane. Lee Young-hyun began by saying, “I never talked about academies or private tutoring, but for the first time, when I was in high school, I asked to be sent to a music academy.” He then confessed his immature days, saying, "At the time, when I saw my friends receiving tutoring worth more than 1 million won a month, I felt bad and wondered why my mom and dad couldn't send me to private academy." The mother with tears in her eyes said, “The academy fee of 360,000 won per month was a huge amount for our circumstances.” He was also proud of his daughter's distribution, saying, "At that time, you said, 'I'll take the money now, but I'll earn it later and give it back in multiples.'" Younghyun Lee smiled brightly as he answered, “Did I say that? But you actually brought it to me.”

During the meal that followed, the topic of ‘older husband vs. younger husband’ became a hot topic. Chae-rina's mother boasted about her younger son-in-law, saying, "My son-in-law is six years younger than my daughter, and he supports my daughter very well." Lee Young-hyun's mother also burst into laughter by agreeing, "Having lived with an older husband, I think younger people are better." Jihye Lee responded, “If all men are the same, the younger one is better.” In response, Moon Jae-wan showed off his ‘lover’ side by replying, “In my next life, I will be born younger.” Also, when the 'perilla leaf debate' came up, Lee Ji-hye and her husband responded, "It doesn't matter at all if you hold the perilla leaf." Regarding the reason, Jihye Lee declared, “My husband doesn’t even look at other people’s perilla leaves.” Moon Jae-wan also coolly admitted to being a glutton, saying, “When someone else’s chopsticks come, it feels like they’re coming to steal my side dish,” filling the scene with laughter.

While everyone was sitting together enjoying a steam bath in the charcoal kiln, the last course, Ivy wondered, “How did mothers meet their fathers?” Lee Young-hyeon's mother said that she married her husband, whom she met through her brother-in-law, 20 days after meeting him. Her daughter Lee Young-hyeon was surprised and said, “I didn’t know either.” Chae Rina's mother said, "I looked at the fortune teller and it said it would be good to meet a man born in October, but my husband arranged with a matchmaker and lied about his birthday. After giving birth to my son, he confessed that his birthday was in August." She confessed a true story similar to 'The Fairy and the Woodcutter'. burst out laughing. After a refreshing bath, Ivy put the photos taken that day at Cornus officinalis Village in a frame and presented them to everyone. He then said, “I hope you will keep today’s tour as an everlasting memory,” ending the meaningful first family trip warmly.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google