Park Young-gyu "Divorced 3 times, even seeing the judge is embarrassing"
Park Young-gyu "Divorced 3 times, even seeing the judge is embarrassing"
Actor Park Young-gyu revealed his four-marriage love story.

In the SBS entertainment show 'My Little Old Boy' (hereinafter referred to as 'My Little Old Boy'), which aired on the 14th, Lee Sang-min and Kim Jun-ho met actor Park Young-gyu, who has been married four times, to receive energy for a new marriage.

When an unexpected person appeared, the studio let out gasps of surprise. In contrast to his still young-looking face, Park Young-gyu, who is in his 70s, revealed the 25-year age difference between him and his remarried wife and said, “I am 7 years older than my mother-in-law, and fortunately, I am 10 years older than my father-in-law.”

Park Young-gyu then confessed, “I am not proud of the fact that I divorced and remarried several times, but I live with the mindset that I did my best in the face of my fate.” Seo Jang-hoon of the studio also said, “I’m most afraid of the second one. He showed sympathy by saying, “If I were to fail again (even though I remarried), it would be a bit much.”

In response to Sang-min's question, "Did you go to court three times?" Park Young-gyu responded, "The judge looked really like that," and to Jun-ho's response, "Isn't it the same judge?", "But I felt like it was the same judge." He responded honestly, causing laughter.

When asked how he met his current wife, Park Young-gyu said, “(My wife) was the head of a real estate developer, and I was introduced to her by an acquaintance. I fell in love at first sight when I saw the KakaoTalk photo. “I signed a real estate contract right away and went to work at the model house the next day,” he said, revealing his fiery love story.

Park Young-gyu continued, “My wife said, ‘I want to have a child if you want.’ I thought about it for a week. The shock and pain I felt when I let my son go is still in my heart. “I concluded (to my wife), “I will raise your daughter as if she were my own child,” he said, confessing the difficult decision he made.

“I want to live hard and not feel ashamed, so that one day when I meet my son, I want to say, ‘Dad, I lived a brave life.’ When Park Young-gyu's earnest feelings were revealed, saying, "I always think my son is looking at me," Movengers were saddened but deeply sympathized.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google