“Are you going to live after getting hit?” Hwang Bo-ra, pregnant, with blue bruises on her face
“Are you going to live after getting hit?” Hwang Bo-ra, pregnant, with blue bruises on her face
The wedding day of Jung Ho-cheol and Lee Hye-ji, the main characters of the extravagant 'famous wedding' attended by top stars such as Shin Dong-yup, Ha Ji-won, and Lee Hyo-ri, was revealed for the first time on air. Also, 'So Baek-nam (a man who has been on blind dates 100 times)' Shim Hyeon-seop, who visited a marriage information company, revealed his assets worth 'hundreds of millions' and started looking for a full-fledged relationship again with 'National Cupid' Shim Hye-jin.

'Joseon's Lover' ranked first among general programming channels in its time slot with viewership ratings of up to 5.5% per minute (Nielsen Korea nationwide) and 4.5% nationwide.

In 'Joseon's Lover', which aired on the 8th, Hwang Bo-ra, who had been on a prenatal education trip to Hawaii, appeared with a blue bruise on her forehead, arousing the curiosity of 'Lovers'. Her best friend Kim Ji-min asked a joking question, “Are you living with your sister?” and Hwang Bo-ra revealed the whole story, saying, “I was impatient, so I tried to open the car trunk quickly and bumped into it.” Hwang Bo-ra posted a photo of herself dressed in a Hawaiian traditional 'hula dance' costume on Instagram, and also shared an anecdote about being contacted by her father-in-law Kim Yong-gun, who is the 'daughter-in-law's lover', and asked, "Why do you keep kicking my belly while playing quietly?" and made people laugh.

The VCR of the day was the wedding of Lee Hye-ji, a comedian of 11 years, and Jeong Ho-cheol, a comedian of 10 years, which became a hot topic with the participation of host Shin Dong-yeop, congratulatory singer Lee Hyo-ri, and officiant Ha Ji-won. However, in the wedding video featured on terrestrial news, a funny situation occurred where the bride, Lee Hye-ji, was mosaicized. As a result, the days of obscurity of ‘Lovers’ were reexamined. Hwang Bo-ra and Kim Ji-min, who were famous from the beginning of their debut, mentioned the 'curse of the Rookie of the Year Award' and told an anecdote about not having any work after receiving the Rookie of the Year award. Kim Gook-jin also said, “I saw (Kang Su-ji) for the first time at the radio public hall. While I was sitting with Yongman Kim, the singer opened the door and came in. “That friend is not a person,” he recalled, recalling the memory of seeing Kang Soo-ji for the first time, drawing an outcry from the ‘lovers.’

The 'comedy couple', who gave the production team a witty wedding invitation with the words 'Jang Dong-gun, Ko So-young, Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin and Jeong Ho-cheol, and Lee Hye-ji' written on the VCR, explained the background to such a luxurious wedding. When Jeong Ho-cheol's six-year career as a comedian, 'Laughter' and 'Comedy Big League' were abolished, he ended up hosting a YouTube entertainment show with Shin Dong-yeop through a connection with a professional comedy writer. In this entertainment show, Shin Dong-yup promoted his junior Jeong Ho-cheol's marriage to guests, and the 'famous wedding of an unknown comedian' was born. Kim Ji-min, who was watching Jeong Ho-cheol's video, said, "I'm so happy that (Ho-cheol) has a camera on his schedule," and brought tears to his eyes as he told a beautiful story about his junior Jeong Ho-cheol, who took good care of him when he first joined 'Comedy Big League'.

When the wedding day finally dawned, Shin Dong-yeop, who was in charge of the ceremony, made Jeong Ho-cheol relax by telling a practical joke to Jeong Ho-cheol's lower body, saying, "You have a hard time today." The wedding hall was packed with guests even outside the building, and seniors and juniors from the comedy world showed up as guests, including Choi Yang-rak, Park Seong-ho, Lee Guk-ju, Yoo Se-yoon, Moon Se-yoon, and even Kim Ji-min. Soon, Cho Hye-ryeon, the 'Joseon singer' who Lee Hye-ji called as a surprise, secretly entered the ceremony hall. Jo Hye-ryun, who tried to keep her clothes covered and keep tight security, was immediately caught by Jang Do-yeon, who had become a 'daily dress helper', and made everyone laugh. As expected from the wedding of a cheerful comedian couple, the main characters appeared dancing and singing live, and even gave a warm feeling with a touching congratulatory speech from Shin Dong-yup and an officiating ceremony from the sensible Ha Ji-won.

In addition, Lee Hyo-ri brought up emotions by singing Kim Dong-ryul's 'Thanks' to piano accompaniment for the first time in her career as a singer. Jo Hye-ryun, the long-awaited 'Joseon singer', marked the finale of 'Crazy Wedding' by showing off her spirit by even performing the rare 'Shin Dong-yeop's dance'.
“Are you going to live after getting hit?” Hwang Bo-ra, pregnant, with blue bruises on her face
“Are you going to live after getting hit?” Hwang Bo-ra, pregnant, with blue bruises on her face
The marriage information company register of Shim Hyun-seop, a man who surpassed Yoo Jae-seok in terms of popularity, was revealed. Shim Hyun-seop, who was pressured by his aunt Shim Hye-jin on the VCR, said, “There are many actors who are CEOs of marriage information companies. “Is your aunt the representative here?” he joked, earning a glare from Shim Hye-jin. In addition, in response to Shim Hye-jin's question, "Have you ever been to a marriage information company?", he responded, "The number of times still hasn't ended, so there may still be some left," causing laughter. Shim Hyun-seop, who soon became serious, revealed an anecdote about how he registered with a marriage information company in his 30s, but missed his marriage because he could not take care of his mother at the same time. In response, Shim Hye-jin expressed her consolation by saying, “It’s not that I missed the time, it’s that I should say, ‘There was no relationship back then.’”

Soon, consultations began with the expert who had arranged the meeting with Shim Hyun-seop 15 years ago. Shim Hyun-seop worked as a director at a food franchise company and revealed that he had an annual income of 100 million won even without celebrity profits, and that he owned real estate that was only revealed when the tide was high, along with an island. He began a full-fledged 'relationship search' by receiving essential feedback from experts about his 'constant jokes' and the fact that he was 'unfocused on the other person'.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google