Park Na-rae loses weight, twerks boldly in revealing outfit
Park Na-rae loses weight, twerks boldly in revealing outfit
Na-rae Park and Se-hyung Yang will compete in singing for the first time through 'Brother and Sister Song Festival', Season 2 of 'Burning Roses'.

In the 52nd episode of MBN's 'Burning Roses' Season 2 (hereinafter referred to as 'Rose Group 2'), which airs on the 8th (today), Son Tae-jin, Shin Seong, Min Soo-hyun, Kim Jung-yeon, Park Min-soo, Gong Hoon, Enoch and the 'Active King of Singers' members show off their siblings and family members. We present the second part of the ‘Brothers and Sisters Song Festival’ with .

'Romance 2' MCs and comedians Park Na-rae and Yang Se-hyung will engage in a singing competition that explodes with their unique energy. First, Park Na-rae, along with her younger brother Park Seong-ju, who boasts a large body, properly overpowers the opposing team's Yang Se-hyung with the 'muscle man pose'. Park Sung-joo drew warm applause by introducing himself full of affection for his older sister, saying, “Beautiful comedian Park Na-rae’s younger sister.” In addition, Park Na-rae and Park Sung-ju’s mother made a surprise visit to the studio, providing strong support to the siblings and igniting their will. .

To counter this, Yang Se-hyung brings in Park Gyu-seon, a comedian who was much loved for his unexpected trot skills in 'Flaming Trotman', as his sworn brother. When Park Na-rae shouted at Park Gyu-sun's appearance, saying, "It's foul!", Park Gyu-sun said, "I became a comedian thanks to Yang Se-hyung," and impressed people by revealing her special relationship with Yang Se-hyung that has continued since childhood, making the 'MC showdown' even more interesting. pull up

Park Na-rae, Park Seong-ju, and 'Park Brothers', who took the lead, selected 'Ecstatic Confession' and presented a stage full of excitement, enthralling the scene. In particular, 'Park Brothers' makes the 'Roses' family's mouths drop with 100% dazzling performances, such as Na-rae Park's surprise twerking and 'Brother and Sister's Horseback Riding Push-ups' in which Na-rae Park climbs on her sister's back.

Yang Se-hyung and Park Gyu-seon sang Park Gyu-seon's self-composed song 'I Know, I Know (Long)' and made the scene go crazy with 'Should I Give It or Not Dance' and 'Humorous Golf Comte', leading to enthusiastic cheers. Attention is being paid to who will win the battle between the passionate siblings Park Na-rae and Park Seong-joo and the nefarious siblings Yang Se-hyung and Park Gyu-seon.
Park Na-rae loses weight, twerks boldly in revealing outfit
Park Na-rae loses weight, twerks boldly in revealing outfit
Shin Seong appears with his two older sisters and draws attention with his 'older sister's all-out attitude.' Shinsung goes on stage with his sisters and reveals his ‘infinite love’ for them by saying, “I’m proud of their looks!” He then went on to say, “The first older sister was from ‘Chungnam Yesan Apple Lady,’ and the second older sister was ‘Yesan Shim Eun-ha,’ which is Suzy today.” She repeatedly became the official ‘Sister Fool’ of ‘Rose Group,’ showing off the sisters’ surprising beauty to everyone. It flies.

Shin Seong can't hide his smile of joy when Jo Hyeon-chang, Jo Jung-min's younger brother, says, "I want to make him my brother-in-law," making people look forward to their 'spring romance.' However, Jo Jung-min, startled by his younger brother's words, utters a quiet word, causing Shin Seong to explode in disappointment.

The production team said, “The energetic stages of the ‘Romance Troupe’ and ‘King of Singers’ family, including siblings Park Na-rae and Yang Se-hyeong’s sworn brothers, will create a fun and happy start to the week,” adding, “The ‘Burning Rose Troupe’ season will be full of surprises, emotions, and happiness.” 2 Please join us until the end for Part 2 of the ‘Brothers and Sisters Song Festival’.”

Season 2 of ‘Burning Roses’ airs every Monday at 9:10 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google