Han Hyo-joo, extraordinary effort, “even changed the tone of her voice”
Han Hyo-joo, extraordinary effort, “even changed the tone of her voice”
Actress Han Hyo-joo mentioned how hard she worked to take on the role of CEO.

On the morning of the 8th, a production presentation for Disney+'s 'Dominant Species' was held at the Conrad Seoul Hotel in Yeouido-dong, Seoul. Actors Joo Ji-hoon, Han Hyo-joo, Lee Hee-jun, Lee Moo-saeng, and director Park Cheol-hwan, who directed the film, attended the scene that day.

'Dominant Species' is about Yoon Ja-yu (Han Hyo-joo), the CEO of BF, a biotechnology company that opened a new era of artificially cultured meat in 2025, and Woo Chae-woon (Ju Ji-hoon), a retired officer-turned bodyguard who intentionally approached her. A suspense thriller drama where you get caught up in death and events and chase after the truth behind it.

Joo Ji-hoon played the role of Woo Chae-woon, a former soldier and bodyguard who is chasing the mastermind behind a terrorist incident. Han Hyo-joo plays the role of Yoon Ja-yu, the CEO of the giant biotechnology company 'BF' group.

Previously, Han Hyo-joo received a lot of love for Disney+'s 'Moving', so there must be some pressure. Han Hyo-joo expressed her expectations, saying, “Since Mubing received a lot of love on Disney+, I hope Joo Jong-jong will be loved as much as Mubing.”
Han Hyo-joo, extraordinary effort, “even changed the tone of her voice”
Han Hyo-joo, extraordinary effort, “even changed the tone of her voice”
He continued, "The character Yun Yu-yu is a researcher who studies cultured cells, and is a person whose life is threatened by interfering with the primary industry." He added, "Because it is the scene that opens the door to the drama in the first episode, I thought I had to do a good job, so I also gave a TED lecture. “I searched, looked for things that could be used as references, and practiced a lot,” he said.

He continued, "I don't practice much because I tend to prefer the live feel of the scene rather than practice, but I think I did this scene by memorizing it all. They said I didn't have to memorize it because I could just read the prompt, but I wanted to do it perfectly, so I memorized everything and went to the scene." The story behind it was revealed.

He put extraordinary effort into a character that doesn't show much emotion. Han Hyo-joo said, "Yoon Yu-yu is a character who does not show emotions very often," and added, "But I think I thought a lot about how to express it to give variations to the emotions. I tried to change the tone of my voice and things like that. The overall voice is more rough than the voice I usually speak. “I tried to make the same character feel like he didn’t show any emotions,” he explained.

Meanwhile, ‘Dominant Species’ will be released on Disney+ on the 10th.

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