Chungju DEX, rumor broke out about the resignation of a 6th grade civil servant
Chungju DEX, rumor broke out about the resignation of a 6th grade civil servant
Chungju DEX, rumor broke out about the resignation of a 6th grade civil servant
Chungju DEX, rumor broke out about the resignation of a 6th grade civil servant
Kim Seon-tae, a self-proclaimed ‘Chungju Dex’ Chungju man, enters the main broadcast of ‘Radio Star’ for the first time. From the beginning, Chungju Man revealed what he and Dex had in common, and Kim Gura made everyone laugh by sticking out his tongue and saying, "You've become a celebrity~" and "You've set out with great determination~"

MBC's 'Radio Star' (planned by Kang Young-seon/directed by Kim Myeong-yeop and Hwang Yoon-sang), which will be aired on the night of Wednesday the 3rd, will feature a special 'Hero O Difficulty' featuring Kim Jong-guk, Cha Hong, Chungju-man (Kim Seon-tae), and Kim Yo-han.

Chungju Man, who gained fame by running Chungju City's official YouTube channel 'Chung TV', will pitch in the 'LAS' major league after going through the minor league of the 'LAS' YouTube channel. Chungju Man introduced himself as “Chungju City’s biggest star, Chungju’s king, Chungju’s Dex, Kim Seon-tae,” and received a compliment(?) from Kim Gura, who said, “You’re really shameless.” He further made people laugh by revealing that he and Dex had something in common, saying that he was aiming for Dex's position.

Chungju Man, who recently appeared on 'Point of Omniscient Interfere', revealed his children for the first time and boasted, "It became an issue because the children are pretty." Kim Gura said, “Are you even selling your family? “I will quit my job as a civil servant soon,” he joked. Chungju Man said, "I didn't want to sell my family..." but appealed, "That's why I'm MBC's son," causing laughter.

Chungju Man revealed the secret behind the birth of ‘Chung TV,’ the No. 1 local government YouTube channel in Northeast Asia, as well as the two iron rules he established when starting YouTube. In addition, interest was stimulated by mentioning the best video of 'Chung TV' and the secret story of the video that made 'Chung TV' a top video. Thanks to the popularity of 'Chung TV', Chungju Man revealed his recent status as a special promotion to a 6th grade civil servant, as well as the recent status of being flooded with love calls from companies to politics and magazine pictorials. When asked about the possibility of changing jobs, he expressed his open mind and added interest by saying, “If I feel sincere.”

In addition, Chungju Man is feeling the rising status of Chungju City, as Chungju was recently submitted to the Korean geography question on the College Scholastic Ability Test. He said, “Some people moved to Chungju because of me. “I was so proud,” he said, surprising everyone.

Meanwhile, Chungju Man expressed his difficulties due to malicious complaints against local government officials. He expressed his honest feelings, saying, “Local government officials are the occupation closest to citizens, but they are also the occupation that is most ignored.” He then said, “We cannot process normal complaints because of one malicious complaint,” and “I wish everyone had a little more leeway… I think institutional improvements are needed,” drawing sympathy.

The activities of Chungju Man, who entered the terrestrial broadcasting network for the first time, can be seen on 'Radio Star', which airs at 10:30 pm on the 3rd.

Meanwhile, 'Radio Star' is loved as a unique talk show in which MCs disarm guests with their witty remarks and bring out real stories.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google