Kim Yong-pil, feels rewarded for resigning from announcer job
Kim Yong-pil, feels rewarded for resigning from announcer job
Popular trot singer Kim Yong-pil takes on his first solo MC role on Channel A's 'Innocent Generation'. While expectations are rising about what kind of charm Kim Yong-pil, who is captivating fans with his devilish middle-aged beauty and gentle manner, will show through 'The Age of Innocence', Kim Yong-pil, as the new romance character, said, "I will work hard to share and solve viewers' health concerns in the future." “I will do it,” he said, expressing his ambition.

It is said that Kim Yong-pil, who actually conducted the first recording, was sometimes surprised and sometimes teared up while listening to the health concerns and stories of the story of a strong mother who has run a snack bar for 29 years. He also surprised genuine doctors with his witty remarks and sharp questions accumulated over his long broadcasting career.

Meanwhile, 'The Age of Innocence', which will be coming to viewers with a new look in the spring, is a program that tells the stories of our neighbors who want to regain their lost health and make their innocence bloom once again. Specialists in each field will look into the daily lives of people with health concerns and provide customized solutions appropriate for them.

In the first broadcast after the reorganization, which will be aired on the 7th, the daily life of a strong mother who wants to escape from a life weighing 90 kg will be revealed, and the daily life of another storyteller who started a second life after successfully losing 10 kg in her 60s.

The medical solution program 'Pure Era', where you can see the MC performance of 'romantic singer' Kim Yong-pil, is broadcast every Sunday at 9:20 am.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google