Kim Ji-won, an all-kill to the topic
Kim Ji-won, an all-kill to the topic
As expected, it is Kim Ji-won.

Kim Ji-won plays the role of Hong Hae-in in the currently airing tvN Saturday-Sunday drama 'Queen of Tears' and is capturing the hearts of viewers every week with her unrivaled acting skills and visuals.

‘Queen of Tears’ recorded a viewership rating of 5.9% on its first broadcast on the 9th of last month. Episode 8, which aired on the 31st, recorded a national average of 16.1% (hereinafter based on Nielsen Korea paid households) and a peak of 18.2%, breaking its own highest viewership rating for four consecutive weeks.

In addition, Kim Ji-won ranked first in the topicality category of TV-OTT drama performers announced by Good Data Corporation, a K-content competitiveness research agency, for two consecutive weeks, continuing her unstoppable momentum with both her work and her work.

Kim Ji-won created another Kim Ji-won-type character by playing Hong Hae-in, the third-generation queen of the Queens Group and the queen of the department store. In 'Queen of Tears', Hong Hae-in is the epitome of cold on the outside but warm on the inside, with a cynical but lovable personality.

He portrayed in detail and three-dimensionally the narrative and emotional changes in the process of a character who lived the life of a third-generation chaebol who was 'alone in the world' and who suddenly became a life-limited person. In particular, his excellent acting ability to control pace and pace added excitement and tension to the work and breathed life into the play. Kim Ji-won's lively acting, which has the power to convey the joys and sorrows of Hong Hae-in to the viewers, is doing its job well.

As a result, Kim Ji-won proved the power she had built up so far by capturing everything from acting skills to viewer ratings and topicality through 'Queen of Tears'. Now that the drama has passed the halfway point, this is why we are even more excited about Kim Ji-won's Hong Hae-in, which will be shown in future developments.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google