Kim Nam-joo, adulterous woman = Im Se-mi, I knew
Kim Nam-joo, adulterous woman = Im Se-mi, I knew
Cha Eun-woo stepped on the accelerator and rushed towards Kim Nam-joo.

The 9th episode of MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Wonderful World' recorded a viewership rating of 13%, breaking its own highest viewership rating. In addition, it ranked first among all gold programs, recording 11.4% nationwide and 11.7% in the metropolitan area.

In the 9th episode of 'Wonderful World', which aired on the 29th, Su-hyeon (Kim Nam-joo), who found out about the affair between Su-ho (Kim Kang-woo) and Yuri (Im Se-mi), suffered from the pain of being betrayed by two people she trusted, but Seon-yul (Kim Se-mi) Instead of collapsing as he had hoped, Cha Eun-woo (played by Cha Eun-woo) chose to confront Seonyul head-on.

On this day, Yuri's mother (played by Jo Yeon-hee) slipped a picture of her affair with Su-ho onto Yuri's clothes in front of Go-eun and said, "Be careful, Soo-hyun's mom. He left a meaningful remark, saying, "There is no cure for the foot that was cut by the axe of faith," and left after receiving an envelope of money from Seonyoul, who had designed this entire catastrophe. Seonyul did not stop her rampage of revenge by sending Suho a photo of Suhyeon and Yuri facing each other. Su-hyeon then faced Yuri and said to Yuri’s face, asking for forgiveness, “I can’t forgive you. How could he smile at me, be hugged by his mother, and so casually? Don't say that you did something wrong. wait. “Until I’m sorted out,” he said firmly.

Soo-hyeon returned and sat in the car, clutching her heart and crying, revealing her devastated feelings of losing two loved ones at once. Seon-yul watched Su-hyeon in pain indifferently, and had a good time drinking with her friends, feeling happy that she had brought Su-hyeon down from her happiest moment. However, at the same time, he was lost in his thoughts and seemed somewhat bitter.

Su-ho was devastated by the fact that Su-hyeon found out everything about what happened with Yuri, and appealed to Su-hyeon, saying, “I couldn’t bear to talk to you who was trying to live again.” Su-hyeon said, “Do you know what is the hardest thing for me to bear? Are you guys cheating? No, no matter how unfair it is and no matter how angry I am, it is still worse than losing my baby. I didn't even know that it was you who were really difficult for me to endure, and I tried to live because of you. “You are no longer my man,” he broke down and burst into anger.

Soo-hyeon found Yuri's mother and asked her how she knew where Yuri worked, and Yuri's mother sarcastically said that she had received an interesting photo. However, Su-hyeon did not give in and said, “Are you trying to threaten me with that photo? People like you who sell their children for money. “Because it doesn’t work on me,” he warned unwaveringly. Su-hyeon, who realized that it was Seon-yul's plan to involve Yuri's mother, headed to the lakeside where Seon-yul had asked her to come. Seonyul said, “There was a time when I wanted to die here too. But it was written in that book. If we only have one belief to keep in our hearts, we must live somehow. That's my belief. To death, to a greater death. “Are you scared?” he provoked, pulling Suhyeon’s arm roughly.

Soo-hyeon shakes off Seon-yul’s arm and says, “Dying is easy. It's difficult to keep living. As Geonwoo’s mother, I have no regrets or shame. “You can kill me, but you can’t kill this heart,” he said, resolutely turning around and expressing his beliefs. Seonyul watched Soo-hyeon's back with clenched teeth, showing an unquenchable spark of revenge.

Su-ho intentionally approached Su-hyeon and looked for the tune that led them to catastrophe. Suho said, “Did Kim Jun order it? What are you going to do with this old photo? “Is this the revenge you thought of?” he said angrily, and Seonyul said, “This can’t be revenge. He killed my father,” he said, heightening the tension with his calm and cool expression, unlike Suho. Suho said, “You are the son of the man who killed my son, and if my wife didn’t do it, I did it that day. “Do you know?” he said, grabbing Seonyul by the collar. To this, Seonyul said, “So I will do it too. “Your wife did it,” he glared harshly and exposed his claws.

Su-ho, Han-sang (played by Seong Ji-ru), and Hye-geum (Cha Soo-yeon) made a plan to take down Kim Jun (played by Park Hyuk-kwon) at the news conference. At that time, Seonyul visited Kim Jun and handed him an envelope containing a mysterious photo, and when Kim Jun saw this, he became furious at his secretary. Seonyul smiled faintly, leaving Kim Jun, who was angry, behind, raising curiosity about Seonyul's mysterious whereabouts that are still not over. On the other hand, Su-hyeon said to Yuri with a cold expression, “I won’t abandon you. It's not because you're pretty. For your mother who thought of you as much as her daughter. I will protect my mother. So, come to your senses, too,” he said, making a strong and firm choice to protect his precious family, his mother, Go-eun (played by Won Mi-kyung).

Contrary to her expectations, Seon-yul went to Go-eun's restaurant to push Soo-hyeon, who endured pain even after seeing the photos of Su-ho and Yuri's affair, over the edge. In the midst of this, Soo-hyeon headed to the restaurant when Go-eun did not answer the phone, and what she encountered was a restaurant without Go-eun and a chaotic scene. Soo-hyeon, overcome with worry, contacted Go-eun, and an unexpected person, Seon-yul, answered the phone and said, “Your mom is with me,” making Su-hyeon nervous. Soo-hyeon hurried to the emergency room and looked at Go-eun lying in the emergency room with affection. Afterwards, Su-hyeon, who thought that Seon-yul had harmed Go-eun, went to Seon-yul's house to find him. Seonyul, who was driving home at the same time, faced Suhyun, who was standing tall in the headlights.

At that moment, Seon-yul shifted her foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal with an expression as if she had decided on something, and rushed at Su-hyeon just like the day she murdered her father, Ji-woong (Oh Man-seok). And Soo-hyeon, who stood without resistance in front of Seon-yul's car that was speeding towards her as if it was going to hit her, staring straight ahead with shaking pupils, and Seon-yul's expression, who was engulfed in madness, intertwined.

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