Big Bang's Daesung finally apologized
Big Bang's Daesung finally apologized
Daesung and Gangnam have an apology battle.

MBN's 'King of Singers in Korea and Japan', which will be broadcast on April 2nd, will feature 'Active Singer Kings' TOP7 Jeon Yu-jin, Maijin, Kim Da-hyun, Rin, Park Hye-shin, Maria, Byulsarang and 'Trotgirls Japan' TOP7 Fukuda Mirai, Sumida Aiko, Azuma Aki, Natsuko, It is a Korea-Japan joint Trot national competition in which Rie Utagokoro and Miyu Makoto-Kano appear as national Trot representatives representing Korea and Japan, risking their country's pride in the 'Trot Battle'.

In relation to this, Korean master Daesung and Japanese master Gangnam of the 'King of Korea-Japan Singers' are entering an unprecedented situation in which they engage in an untimely 'apology battle'. During the first recording, the two were watching the stages of 'Active Singer' TOP7 and 'Trot Girls Japan' TOP7, and were embarrassed by the shocking results, so they apologized to each other, saying "Sumimasen" and "I'm sorry," creating a sea of laughter. In addition, other Korean and Japanese masters also jumped up and got excited as soon as they saw the results, predicting a 'Trot Korea-Japan Battle' that was engulfed in fierce heat from the start.

Daesung and Gangnam express their strong reactions in the fiery war of nerves between Korea and Japan, representing the tension in the scene. Daesung raises his voice in response to a contestant's spicy overpowering, saying, "Isn't this an exercise of force?", and when Gangnam hears a word uttered by a contestant, he quickly yells, "Don't interpret that!", destroying the scene.

In the first episode of 'King of Korea-Japan Singers', Korea's 'active sensation' Mai Jin steals the attention with her hot Taekwondo roundhouse kick. Maijin, standing on stage, declared war, saying, “I will show you the taste of Korea,” and then exploded the powerful charisma of K-Taekwondo with a cool roundhouse kick worthy of a former Taekwondo player. However, immediately after, the atmosphere at the scene becomes cold for an instant, increasing anxiety. Attention is being paid to what kind of ripple effect Maijin's takeover, which was met with unpredictable reactions, will have.

The production team said, “Daesung and Gangnam are people who capture the culture and atmosphere of Korea and Japan more carefully than anyone else, and they delivered the perfect review for ‘Korea-Japan Singer King’ and heated up the atmosphere on set.” He said, “Please look forward to a great match between the and Japanese singers.”

The first episode of ‘Korea-Japan Singer King’ will be broadcast at 10 PM on the 2nd of next month.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google