‘Queen of Tears’ ranked TOP 10 on Netflix in 68 countries
‘Queen of Tears’ ranked TOP 10 on Netflix in 68 countries
The Studio Dragon-produced drama ‘Queen of Tears’ has joined the ranks of global hit K-dramas.

'Queen of Tears' (written by Park Ji-eun / directed by Jang Young-woo, Kim Hee-won / produced by Studio Dragon, Culture Depot, showrunner) is about Hong Hae-in (played by Kim Ji-won), the third generation of the Queen's Group conglomerate and the queen of department stores, and Baek Hyun-woo (Kim Soo-hyun), the son of the head of Yongduri and the king of supermarkets. (Minister), a drama about a dizzying crisis and a miraculous restart of a love story between a couple who has been in their third year together. It is airing on tvN, TVING, and Netflix.

According to Flix Patrol, a global OTT content ranking service, since its first broadcast, 'Queen of Tears' has been released as a TV series in both English and non-English languages, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, India, Greece, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. Ranked in the TOP 10 in a cumulative 68 countries around the world.

The TOP 10 series rankings by country (as of March 18 to March 24) announced by Netflix on the 27th (Wednesday) also included English and non-English TV series, as well as many Asian countries, including Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It ranks first in the country. In particular, it remains popular on Japanese Netflix, ranking first in the weekly rankings for two consecutive weeks.

Leading overseas media outlets are also highlighting the ‘Queen of Tears’ craze. Real Sound, a Japanese entertainment media outlet, reported on the 23rd, "The love between 'Queen of Tears' Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won is leading the 5th Korean Wave craze," and announced that 'Queen of Tears' is a hot topic in the local area. . In addition, The Straits Times, one of the most influential newspapers in Southeast Asia and Singapore's largest daily newspaper, mentioned on the 27th that the characteristics of 'Queen of Tears' are "a dynamic narrative, lead actor chemistry, and attractive casting," and "invest time." He gave a favorable review, saying, “It is worth driving regularly.”

Even on IMDb, where you can check reviews from global viewers, the enthusiastic response to ‘Queen of Tears’ is increasing. "The storyline is very interesting. Anyone who watches this drama will not feel bored", "It is impossible not to fall in love. Both actors are great", "A captivating Korean drama that captivates from beginning to end." , "This series, with its exciting storyline, complex characters, and outstanding acting, makes you eagerly await new episodes."

Meanwhile, episode 6 of 'Queen of Tears', which aired on tvN on the 24th, recorded an average of 15.2% and a maximum of 16.2% for households in the metropolitan area, and an average of 14.1% and a maximum of 15.1% for households nationwide. Not only did it break its own highest viewership ratings both in the metropolitan area and nationwide, but it also swept first place in its time slot on all channels, including terrestrial channels. In addition, 'Queen of Tears' ranked first for three consecutive weeks in the TV-OTT integrated drama topicality for the third week of March announced by FUNdex, the official platform of Good Data Corporation, a K-content competitiveness research agency. In addition, 'Queen of Tears' was found to be ranked first in all 15 categories announced by Good Data Corporation every week.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google