“How about living together?” Lim Hyun-sik and Tony’s mother on a pink blind date
“How about living together?” Lim Hyun-sik and Tony’s mother on a pink blind date
Actor Lim Hyun-sik, who lives in a 1,000 pyeong mansion, and Tony's mother go on a blind date.

In the SBS entertainment show 'My Little Old Boy' that aired on the 24th, actor Lim Hyun-sik's twilight blind date was announced.

In the trailer released at the end of the day's broadcast, Kim Jun-ho introduced Tony's mother to Lim Hyun-sik, saying, "I have prepared a blind date to end 20 years of living alone." Lim Hyun-sik appealed with a song when they first met, and Tony's mother said, "You're having fun. You also have a good personality. “I’m not particularly pretty,” she said, showing off her honest charm.

Then, when Lim Hyun-sik presented a homemade candy necklace, saying, “I prepared it last night,” Tony’s mother said, “I don’t eat sweets because they contain sugar.” Also, when Lim Hyun-sik suggested, “The years of living alone are a waste, how about living together?” he distanced himself by saying, “We need to meet 10 more times.” Nevertheless, Lim Hyun-sik actively went on the offensive with affection, saying, “Then can we meet for 10 more days?”

Tony's mother is even seen giving Lim Hyun-sik a hand massage, saying, "Your hands are soft and pretty," and even grabbing him tightly, raising expectations for 79-year-old Lim Hyun-sik's twilight blind date. It has been 20 years since Lim Hyun-sik lived alone after the death of his wife.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google