Choo Sung-hoon, humiliated by 2 consecutive defeats
Choo Sung-hoon, humiliated by 2 consecutive defeats
Yonsei University has become the phoenix of ‘College Sports Festival: Boys Athletes Village’.

In the MBC and Lifetime co-production 'College Sports Festival: Boys' Athletes Village' broadcast on the 24th, after 3 rounds of 1-on-1 school competition and a fierce death match, a total of five schools - Kyunghee University, Dongguk University, Yonsei University, Yongin University, and Korea National Sport University - competed. Advanced to the 4th round.

The second match of the 3rd round 1-on-1 school competition was a rivalry match between Dongguk University and Yonsei University. Yonsei University is the only surviving school with no medals, so it is absolutely necessary to win a medal in this game. Yonsei University, who had strengthened their resolve through hellish training, played desperately in the game, but unfortunately lost to Dongguk University.

Korea National Sport University, which experienced its first bitter loss in the second round, attracted attention by successfully getting revenge against Chung-Ang University. During the warm-up game before the main game, Korea National Sport University, which suffered another loss to Chung-Ang University and was on the verge of becoming worse, showed a difference from the previous game and quickly won the right to advance to the 4th round.

As a result, Yonsei University, Yongin University, and Chung-Ang University faced each other in a death match with final elimination. When the whistle signaled the start of the game sounded, the students moved in unison according to the strategy. Yonsei University came up with a novel strategy of having team members move positions in response to the command “Move.” Dex, who saw this, exclaimed, "Yonsei, what is it? It's a strategy."

Thanks to the sure-win strategy, Yonsei University showed off the power of a death match phoenix by lifting a 700kg punching bag at the fastest speed. Subsequently, Yongin University's punching bag crossed the white line, and Chung-Ang University was ultimately eliminated. Daehoon Lee sent warm encouragement to Chung-Ang University, and the students who worked hard together expressed their consolation with warm applause, adding to the warmth.

With the 3rd round over and only 5 universities left in the arena, 'sexy fighter' Choo Sung-hoon made a surprise appearance as a special coach for the 4th round. Before the actual game, Choo Sung-hoon showed off his chemistry by enjoying warm-up games with the students, such as hand clapping and leg wrestling. In particular, Yonsei University's captain Jo Soo-hyun, who showed good performance in the previous death match, surprised everyone by winning two consecutive games against Choo Seong-hoon after a tight match. Choo Seong-hoon, who fell for Jo Soo-hyun's strong hamstrings, exclaimed, "He's strong."

Seongbin Yoon also competed as a leg wrestler and competed against Jeongmin Oh, a junior from Korea National Sport University. Seongbin Yoon, who had lost two times in a row in the previous hand clapping competition, was quickly defeated by Jeongmin Oh, humiliated once again, putting to rest the title of the idol of physical education students, and burst into laughter. Meanwhile, at the end of the broadcast, a 4th round mission boasting an unprecedented scale is announced, raising curiosity. Question marks hovered over the heads of students and coaches in suspicious containers that filled the arena. Attention is focused on what the 4th round mission will be and which school will advance to the semifinals.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google