Lee Seung-gi responds to controversy over biased judgment
Lee Seung-gi responds to controversy over biased judgment
A case of biased judgment occurred regarding Hong Isaac.

In JTBC's 'Famous Singers and Street Judges', which aired on the 20th, a busking battle in Seoul took place between Team Seunggi and Team Kyuhyun. In particular, a match between famous singers with an undefeated record in individual competitions and a never-before-seen match structure took place.

On this day's broadcast, Seoul busking began in earnest and opened with a battle of geniuses. Shin Hae-sol from Seunggi's team and Ezel from Kyuhyun's team faced off. While the two people aroused interest by showing signs of being afraid of each other, Shin Hae-sol, who went first, showed off his pure and simple charm by reinterpreting Resurrection's 'Never Ending Story' in his own style. Ezel passionately sang Sunflower's 'Say Something', shedding his lovey-dovey image and radiating charisma, adding fun to the performance on a contrasting stage.

In the match between Shin Hae-sol and Ezel, Ezel won 7 to 1. The street judge ‘Papa from JYP Audition’ was amazed by Ezel’s performance that made his mouth drop, saying, “I thought I could close my jaw at will, but I can’t.” On the other hand, So Soo-bin's female friend, who gave her vote to Shin Hae-sol, revealed the reason for her choice, saying, "I want to be the first to go on Shin Hae-sol's stage and say, 'It's going to be good in the future.'" and made Shin Hae-sol cry. I also pressed the button.
Lee Seung-gi responds to controversy over biased judgment
Lee Seung-gi responds to controversy over biased judgment
Next, the battle between the top vocalists who won the 1-on-1 battle attracted attention. Team Seunggi's Hong Isak aroused deep sympathy by adding a calm mood and solid vocals to Yoo Jae-ha's 'Hidden Path'. ‘Papa, a former JYP auditionee’, said, “Even though my empathy skills were poor, they improved a lot,” and said that he could feel the warmth that Hong Isak conveyed through the song.

Kyuhyun accused, “Even before Hong Isak started singing, Yeongdeungpo Toast shouted ‘Hong Isak Fighting’.” Despite Lee Seung-gi’s warning, Yeongdeungpo Toast said, “It was so good. He said, “He’s so handsome,” and Kyuhyun pointed out, “Didn’t we decide not to be biased?”

In response to this, Kang Seong-hee of Kyuhyun's team prepared Park Jeong-woon's 'On a Night Like Tonight', which she enjoys singing, leaving a long lasting impression with its warmth. 'Susu-gang Lee Seong-kyung' highly praised Kang Seong-hee's song, saying, "I liked it so much that I scratched my neck a few times and the reason was because it made my skin crawl."

Hong Isaac and Kang Seong-hee had no record of losing in individual competitions, making the results even more curious. In the match between the two, which attracted everyone's attention, Kang Seong-hee won by an overwhelming margin of votes, defeating 'Singer Gain 3' winner Hong I-sak. Hong Isak, who had tasted his first defeat, took his punishment and captured the attention with his spectacular dancing skills to soothe the bitterness of defeat.

Lee Seung-gi pointed out, “All Again could have come out, but Yeongdeungpo Toast said, ‘I don’t know, I’m biased or something, and I’m Hong Isaac.’” When Yeongdeungpo Toast hesitated as to why Hong Isaac was chosen, Lee Seung-gi persisted, saying, "I came out as a judge, so what do you mean, should I speak?"

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google