Younghyun Lee confesses to suffering after giving birth
Younghyun Lee confesses to suffering after giving birth
Younghyun Lee mentioned the changes in her body after giving birth.

In episode 2 of Channel S·E's 'Playing with Sister 2', which aired on the 19th, Chae Ri-na, Lee Ji-hye, Lee Young-hyun, Ivy, Narsha, and Choa appeared on MT for the first time. 'Steel Unit' Choi Young-jae took on the role of mental master and led customized training to restore the sisters' self-esteem.

On this day, the sisters boarded the bus as a whole and excitedly left MT. However, I was confused when I arrived at the guerrilla training ground in the middle of the forest. It turned out that this MT was a mental training exercise to help the sisters regain their original intention. Moreover, Choi Young-jae of the ‘Steel Unit’ was positioned as the mental master at the scene, creating tension. Even after the bloody atmosphere, the sisters used their unique no-filter talk, drastically lowering Choi Young-jae's energy. In response to Choi Young-jae's question, "Is it very cold?" Lee Ji-hye responded, "Yes, it's cold. It's because I'm that old." Regarding her resolution for Season 2, Ivy roared, “If you ask me to take it off, I will take it off,” embarrassing Choi Young-jae.

Full-scale training began, and the sisters showed off their amazing physical strength by doing PT gymnastics, kicking sandbags, and mountain cantering. Next, we were faced with a mission to pass 8 high-altitude courses at 10m in the air. Choa courageously stepped forward as the first runner. In particular, after passing the obstacle, a piece of paper with stressors that were bothering the sisters was attached to the pillar, and Choa tore up the piece of paper with a double-ignorant malicious comment written on it. Furthermore, he courageously shouted, “What do you know? I can do it.” After conquering the high-altitude course, Ivy, the second runner, also tore off a piece of paper that said 'Greed to be perfect' and shouted, "I was not born to be perfect, I was born to be happy." Lastly, even though Lee Young-hyun is afraid of heights, he held back tears and took a step forward for his two daughters. Ji-hye Lee shed tears of sympathy and respect upon seeing Lee Young-hyun completing the mission after many twists and turns.

During the break that came during the harsh training, the sisters enjoyed pouting time. Lee Young-hyeon, who ate two bags of Poggeul Ramen in an instant, confessed, "I am currently wearing braces. My gums collapsed after giving birth to my first child." After hearing this, Jihye Lee said, “After giving birth, my heels became basalt.” At the same time, she added, “But it’s okay. Because I gained something more precious,” showing a touching maternal love.

After taking a break, the members finally took on the challenge of chemical and biological warfare, the ultimate in guerrilla training. Here, Lee Young-hyeon encountered a dizzying situation when the purge tank went astray, but he overcame the crisis safely. The sisters even succeeded in the mission of changing each other's purification cans. Youngjae Choi even gave an additional mission, saying, “Take off your gas mask and hold on for 5 seconds.” I was puzzled to see that the sisters seemed to be in good condition even after taking off their gas masks. It turned out that the smoke in question was stage fog. The sisters sat down, feeling helpless that they had been deceived by the production crew and relief that they were safe.

After completing all the training, Choi Young-jae encouraged the sisters by saying, "It's not that big of a deal when you actually try it. The things you're afraid of are nothing when you know them." Lee Ji-hye confessed, "Actually, even right before the chemical and biological room, I thought about not doing 'Playing Sister'. But during training, when I saw them trying to save each other, I felt like it was worth giving (Playing Sister) a try." Chae Rina devastated the scene by suddenly revealing, "When Lee Ji-hye took off her gas mask, she was the only one to take it off 2 seconds later. If it were real, we would all be dead." Lee Young-hyun, who had a proper initiation ceremony through this training, expressed her feelings, saying, "I am grateful that they readily accepted me, who only used to sing."

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google