Wonhyuk became a son-in-law... Lee Yong-sik and his wife join together
Wonhyuk became a son-in-law... Lee Yong-sik and his wife join together
Lee Su-min and Won Hyuk decided to join forces with Lee Yong-sik ahead of their wedding.

In the TV Chosun entertainment show 'Joseon's Lover' that aired on the 18th, Lee Yong-sik was seen proposing a joint song to his daughter Lee Soo-min and prospective son-in-law Won Hyuk.

On this day, Lee Yong-sik and his wife, Kim Oe-sun, called the production team to their home and announced, “We have an important announcement to make,” and Lee Yong-sik mentioned Hapga, saying, “I’m living with my kids.” Kim Oe-sun said, "Wonhyuk has prepared a house in Paju, and he is planning to pack it up and move to our neighborhood. From what I can see, he needs more loans. That seems like a burden, so I thought it would be a good idea to ease the burden." “I want to live together and take care of my grandchildren,” he explained.

If Su-min Lee and Won-hyuk decide to split the house, he said he would respect their opinion. Lee Yong-sik said, "I'm really anxious. It's 50/50, but I think if I don't speak well, there will be a big uproar. I might be misunderstood." Kim Oe-sun emphasized, “We must consider Won-hyuk’s opinion as important.”

The two decided to meet Su-min Lee and Hyuk Won to hear their opinions. Kim Oe-sun said, "They talked about preparing a separate house and a new home. I said, 'I'll take care of it.' It's our greed to want to live together," and confessed, "But I also want to live together."
Wonhyuk became a son-in-law... Lee Yong-sik and his wife join together
Wonhyuk became a son-in-law... Lee Yong-sik and his wife join together
Won-hyuk, who heard the news of the merger proposal, discussed it with his father, and Won-hyuk's father said, "When you suggested that we come and live in the house, I thought, 'I like you.' “You have to take responsibility for the decisions you make after thinking about it,” he said.

A few days later, Won-hyuk and Lee Su-min met with Lee Yong-sik and decided to join forces, saying, "We confirmed that living with our mother and father is something we are thankful for." He continued, "The reason it took me a long time to think about it was not only because I received the grateful offer, but also because I had time to think about how to repay it. So, what I would like to ask earnestly is to provide financial help. I know my parents' feelings well and am grateful. “However, I want to feel responsible as the head of a family,” he said, adding that he would pay living expenses and monthly rent.

On this day, the wedding photo shoot of couple Lee Su-min and Won Hyuk was also included. Lee Yong-sik, Kim Oe-sun, and Won-hyuk's parents were all present at the wedding filming site on this day. Lee Yong-sik confessed that it was a surprise event, saying, “I thought it would be a good idea to invite my in-laws and take a family photo.”

Lee Yong-sik also prepared a cake with the phrase ‘We are one’ written on it and family T-shirts with ‘father-in-law’, ‘mother-in-law’, ‘father-in-law’, and ‘mother-in-law’ engraved on it. Lee Su-min, who saw this, shed tears of emotion.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google