Announcer Lee Jeong-min got her second child after 10 test tube tests.
Announcer Lee Jeong-min got her second child after 10 test tube tests.
Lee Jeong-min confesses to her husband that she was disappointed when she was pregnant with her second child after difficult in vitro fertilization.

Channel A's 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center', scheduled to air at 8:10 pm on the 19th, will reveal the concerns of freelance announcer wife Lee Jeong-min and doctor husband Park Chi-yeol.

On this day, Lee Jeong-min confessed that she often felt disappointed because her husband, Park Chi-yeol, did not usually express his emotions. In particular, she mentions the time when she became pregnant with her second child through in vitro fertilization as the most disappointing experience. At the time, Lee Jeong-min confessed that she confessed her difficult feelings to her husband, Park Chi-yeol, but received a cold reply, "Your pregnancy will end in nine months, but my work pain will continue to worsen." Lee Jeong-min then confesses that although she understands that her husband has pain in his hands because he is a doctor who frequently performs surgeries, she was hurt by her husband who only emphasized his own pain. Park Chi-yeol explains that he knew his wife was disappointed, but that he tried to judge her calmly because he is a doctor by profession.

Lee Jung-min confesses that she underwent in vitro fertilization 10 times over a period of five years to become pregnant with her second child. She also confesses that she underwent surgery to scrape the uterine wall for the sake of her child, as well as receiving chemotherapy. However, her husband, Park Chi-yeol, was busy with work at the time and it was difficult for her to even accompany her to the hospital, so it was said that she endured the entire process alone, causing everyone's regret. Her husband, Park Chi-yeol, confesses that he was so busy with his daily life that he didn't know much about his wife's struggles.

After hearing the story of Lee Jung-min and Park Chi-yeol, Dr. Oh Eun-young says that Lee Jung-min experienced 'infertility stress' and analyzes that there may have been 'an asymmetry of pain' during the IVF procedure. He goes on to emphasize that the most important thing when going through the IVF process is understanding and consideration for each other, and says that it can be a cause of marital conflict, especially if the husband is not considerate of his wife.

Lee Jung-min explains that while she was giving up her heart because she could not get pregnant until she was 41, she received a call from the hospital asking if she would discard frozen embryos, and in her last attempt, she had a second child. At the time, the blood test results showed that she was pregnant, but she confessed that she did not expect to become pregnant because she did not want to torture herself with hope. After hearing this, MC Lee Yoon-ji confessed that she, too, went on a 20-night trip because she was stressed out during the process of her second infertility. However, I sympathize with Lee Jung-min's position, saying that even when traveling, she took an armful of pregnancy tests and could not give up her belief in the possibility of pregnancy.

Park Chi-yeol honestly confesses his feelings, saying, "I thought that responding resolutely rather than being depressed together would ease the burden on my wife. That's why I tried to maintain an appropriate position." In response, Dr. Eunyoung Oh explains that talking about one's inner thoughts like this is sharing one's feelings. Additionally, she surprises everyone by analyzing the reason why her husband, Park Chi-yeol, has been unable to share his true feelings. Expectations are high to see what Eunyoung's magic will be for Lee Jung-min and Park Chi-yeol, a couple who are experiencing conflict over different communication methods.

‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’ airs every Tuesday at 8:10 pm on Channel A.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google