Ha Do-kwon was misunderstood as a murderer in Japan
Ha Do-kwon was misunderstood as a murderer in Japan
Actor Ha Do-kwon recalled his days as a vocal music major at Seoul National University.

The 858th episode of MBC's entertainment program 'Radio Star' (hereinafter referred to as 'Las'), which aired on the 13th, featured a special feature called 'Acting Mania' featuring Jang Hyuk, Kim Min-jae, Ha Do-kwon, and Kim Do-hoon.

On this day, Ha Do-kwon said that he originally dreamed of entering a physical education college, but gave up due to his mother's opposition. In high school, his music teacher told him to sing, so he imitated Pavarotti's songs and started singing.

At the same time, he said that he was always included in the list of 'actors who graduated from Seoul National University but are not like Seoul National University' and recalled, "I graduated from the military band, but when new recruits were recruited, there was a rumor that Seoul National University students were entering. Five people entered, but they didn't ask me if I was from Seoul National University."

It boasted shocking visuals at the time. In response, Ha Do-kwon said, "The external beauty we think of is slimming down the body and growing hair. I must have weighed over 100 kg. My neck was so thick that I couldn't fasten a button, so I had one button undone. It looked cool."

Because of this visual, he was mistaken for a murderer in Japan. Ha Do-kwon said that when he had just debuted as a musical actor, he worked in a large Japanese theater company. "In the early days of my theater company days, I was at home and someone rang the doorbell. It was a Japanese police officer. I couldn't understand Japanese, but they said there was a murder case on the fourth floor. "He was a nice guy, but he was a foreigner living alone, and he said he received a report that it was suspicious. Even when I told him I was a theater actor, he didn't believe me. When I brought him the script and told him I was an actor working on this production, he said he was sorry," he recalled.
Ha Do-kwon was misunderstood as a murderer in Japan
Ha Do-kwon was misunderstood as a murderer in Japan
He also talked about his fellow actors. He said, "Around the time I first debuted in a drama, I appeared in a historical drama called 'Saimdang'. I didn't know how cold it was in the winter at the folk village, so I put on a durumagi and waited, but it was so cold. As I was warming up in the bathroom, someone came in and warmed up with me. “It was Song Seung-heon. I thought Asian stars also melted here.”

He added, “We reunited in a drama last year, and he told me that he was happy to see Song Seung-heon doing well and told him to make sure to talk about me when he goes on a variety show.”

He also talked about Namgoong Min, who he worked with in ‘Stove League’. He said, "Actor Namgoong Min is chic. He tends to concentrate when working. He keeps looking at his personal monitor and checking it right away. The equipment was fascinating, so I looked at it, and he put earphones in my ears. I was shocked by the warmth."

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google